2. The Esteemed Guest

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“I need each and everything on point and placed perfectly till! Is that clear?” Edward walked throughout the entire length of the VIP section of his club with Jin trailing behind him.“Make sure that there are at least two servers ready all the time to take orders and two are placed by the bar to deliver the orders.” Edward pointed towards the crystal bar counter where three bartenders were already placed. “This night means a lot to me, this could either make or break my club’s reputation that I have spent years building. So, am I clear that no nuisance is to disrupt by club’s reputation and all your employees must deliver their best?” Jin nodded at Edward, knowing exactly well how much his club meant to him. “Where is Rose?” He asked Jin, who looked at Edward with wide eyes. “She is in the hospital!” he reminded Edward who c****d back at Jin. “What is she doing at the hospital?” he asked completely oblivious of his employee’s situation. “She is at the hospital doing what she took a maternity leave for.” Jin stated with a sarcastic twist, reminding Edward about where Rose truly was. Edwards scrunched his nose upwards, remembering that Rose had taken a maternity leave about two weeks ago, as she was pregnant with Jin’s child and she was probably out there having a baby. “When would she deliver? Can she make it before the guests arrive?” Jin’s eyes stayed wide for a while, as he tried to weigh the intensity of his boss’s words, trying his best to control his anger towards his boss’s insensitive and narcissistic self and holding back his anger in order to keep his job and provide for the new baby that was going to come into the world. “No! I don’t think so.” Jin stated with a stern tone, making it clear to his boss that his wife will not be able to make it to host the supreme guests. Edward realized that he might be stepping a line with his manager and decided to change the topic. “Fine, then who will be the host tonight? Did you appoint someone?” Jin nodded with a perched up smile, “Of course, I have!” He then clapped both of his hands together, “Celeste John! You may step ahead.” With that, a tall brunette, wearing a perfectly steamed and ironed coat, over her waitress’ uniform walked up towards the spot in the middle of the upper section of the club where Edward and Jin were standing. While Jin smiled proudly of his creation, Edward looked at Celeste with confusion, unable to recognize her. She had her hair tied up neatly in a bun, while her perfectly contoured face shined brightly under the low flashing and revolving lights of the club, making her stand out of the entire crowd perfectly well. Walking up towards Edward and Jin, she bowed gently, “I am Celeste John and I will be your hostess of the night. Whatever help you may require, I will be more than glad to assist you.” Sensing her perfectly maneuvered tone, Edward was somehow impressed but he decided to not to show off his feelings towards her and kept her face stiff and expressions poker. “Where did you get her from?” he inquired from Jin, who was rendered speechless that Edward didn’t recognize his own employee, while even Celeste’s confidence was shaken a bit after being carelessly ignored by Edward, someone that she actually had a secret crush on for a long time. “I didn’t get her form anywhere; she is actually a waitress in our club. She serves the VIP section on the ground floor on weekdays and the upper VIP section on weekends. Rose personally asked me to hand over the job to her, as she had been training Celeste for this very job for the past entire month. Rose suspected that one such event might occur in her absence, that is why she had prepared Celeste for this very event.” Edward nodded at Jin and then turned to look at Celeste, who put on her best smile, not letting Edward’s words and ignorance get to her. “Do you think you can do your job sincerely?” Celeste kept her head straight and shoulders broad, nodding her head in agreement. “Yes!” “Then where are your servers and your attenders?” Celeste pointed towards the designated VIP booths that were going to be filled with the incoming guests, where Poly and another waitress were standing up and holding trays filled with champagne bottles merged in buckets of ice. She then pointed towards the crystal bar counter where three other waiters were standing to help the bartenders serve and prepare the drinks. “The dancers....” “I have called the Golden hoopers, who are the most prestigious group of dancers in the entire country and they are coming here all the way from Liverpool, where they were booked from an important event but they canceled that out just for us.” Edward nodded again, highly impressed by Celeste’s speed and intelligence but decided to not to praise her unless and until at the end of the day where he will get to see how things had ended up and how smoothly had Celeste had actually taken care of everything. “Fine! Then I will see how things had gone at the end of the night. Hope you don’t disappoint me.” Celeste beamed at him with a bright smile. “Don’t worry! I won’t.” Just as Edward was about to step aside, his phone began ringing and seeing the caller ID he immediately picked it up and Jin took Celeste to the side. “Rose and I, both depend on you tonight! We have a small baby coming into this world, who’s future depends on you!” Celeste nodded at Jin, “You know that is actually a very cheap shot to threaten me and put me under pressure by using your newly born baby but don’t worry! I will not disappoint anyone.” Keeping the phone back inside, Edward turned towards Celeste. “Where are your dancers? My guests have arrived.” Celeste felt her throat constrict as she felt at loss of air. She had just gotten off the phone with the leader of the Golden Hoopers and she came to know that they were stuck in traffic and would need another half an hour. “They will be here shortly!” despite of the situation, Celeste bowed and smiled at Edward and stepped back inside the VIP booth, picking out her phone and dialing a number on her phone. “Stella! Where the hell are you guys? The guests have arrived and I need you guys now!” “Open the back door of your club, me and my team are here!” Celeste jumped out in excitement and immediately rushed down the small spiral staircase and dashed off towards the backdoor of the club, opening up the iron doors and saw the group of twenty young women aging from their early twenties and late thirties, standing right in the alleyway, wearing their overcoats and waiting for Celeste to show up. Some of them were smoking puffs while some were only waiting for the door to open up and be relieved off the cold that sneaked up their coats and into their bones, making their teeth rattle. “Stella!” Celeste jumped and hugged her friend, who was just there in time to save her. Stella was a woman in her early thirties, with dark lipstick smudged on her filled up lips and high cheeks, and heavy makeup smudged over her eyes. Her blow dried hair, stood out perfectly well but they still couldn’t hide the large ears hoops that she wore just like her entire troop. “I am only here because you said you would pay me and my girls twice then we were going to make tonight at Liverpool!” “Yes! Now let’s get in, come on!” Celeste chimed at the women who were standing in the alley and smoking puff, making them grunt in annoyance and throw their cigarette butt’s down on the ground. Jeremy walked out from behind Celeste, cooing at the women who were standing in the alley. “Whoa! This seems interesting. Ladies, I am...” Stella stepped ahead, shoving her hand right at Jeremy’s face. “We don’t care! Girls let’s go!” With that the women followed Celeste, who guided them up towards the VIP booths and asked them each to take spots and make themselves comfortable. Throwing down their coats, they revealed the skimpy dresses that they wore, making Celeste’s eyes go wide. She bent down and picked up everyone’s coats, wishing them a luck and then rushed towards the resource room, placing everyone’s coats and rushing to stand up above the staircase, looking back one last time to see that everyone else were perfectly in place and saw that Poly was definitely distracted by the skinny strippers, who were going to definitely take off the mere body covering clothes that they were currently wearing. She waved her hands at Poly and called her out for attention, making her stand up still. At the very same time, Celeste put up her best smile and looked ahead at the door, where Jin opened up the door and bowed in respect to the guests that entered inside the club. As the first few men entered inside Celeste kept her posture and smile intact that faded away as soon as she saw the next person enter the club. She squinted her eyes keenly to look at the man’s face and her eyes went wide and her smile disappeared entirely, as shock took over her entire body looking at the man that was walking down the entire length of the ramp of the club that led towards the stairway above which Celeste was standing. The entire club hooted and began shouting in appreciation of the man who was walking towards the staircase and it then hit Celeste what that man was doing there and what the majorly secret event was about. The color of Celeste’s face faded as people began snaping pictures of the man, trying to push past the rows of bouncers and guards standing in a line and holding the crowd back. Celeste realized that the event was nothing but a Bachelor party thrown in honor of the man who was getting married in the upcoming weekend. Sweat began forming over Celeste’s palms, as she tried to swallow the built up anxiety in her throat but found it hard to do. Her body began losing all her senses and she felt frozen and numb, as the very man in question stepped up the stairway and walked in to Celeste’s direction. His face becoming more and more clear as he finally came to stand right in front of Celeste and reveal his beautiful face to her. She couldn’t comprehend her surrounding anymore and only focused on the man’s very face and realized that she was standing right in front of no one but The Prince of the Crown of England, His Royal Highness, Prince Harold Edwards. ------------------------------                                          Well Hello Everyone! This book is back! Charlie's story is finally getting a get to go and I am going to give you guys and feed you with some very regular updates on this book, as it is my next project on which I will be working on.  Hoping to look forward to you guys reading this book and telling me, how did you find it to be. This is going to be a complete blast or romance, comedy and a bit of an action, hope you guys will show this book some love, like you have done to all my other books. Thank you for always reading and supporting my work <3     
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