1. Brighton Nights

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*SLAM* “Okay that was very rude!” Jeremy commented sarcastically looking up at his co worker from behind the bar counter, where he stood mixing cocktails in a bronze colored metallic shaker. The smirk on his face brought out his mockery more evidently. Rotating the metallic flask in his hands and circling it around his body with his bartending skills, all the while doing bare minimum to hide his chiseled muscular body that popped out of his jet black button up t shirt and went perfectly well with his adorably admirable and certain attractive facial features. Many women gathered around the bar, clicking his pictures and some drunken ones certain hooted in order to boast his confidence; that he certainly didn’t just require. One could already tell He finally poured the drink out in three Martini glasses, in one go and topping them on the side with toothpick punched cherries. Picking up the tray he placed it on the counter to his fellow waitress, who gave him a notorious smile; that showed how done she was his vicious tricks to attain and attract more attention. “Can you stop being a little less show off?” Jeremy smirked at her, winking her way, “Don’t be jealous if it is not you who I might get in the bed with tonight.” Sticking her tongue out in disgust the waitress picked up her tray and walked towards one of the designated VIP booths of the club. “Oh Come Celeste! Don’t be so rude.” Jeremy called the waitress out, who chose to ignore his existence and go by about her job. Passing through a surge of the rushing crowd where most of the drunken people danced on top of each other and rubbed their sweated bodies together. Balancing the tray with one hand on top of her head, she used her other hand to push past the crowd and make way for herself. She could feel, sense and smell the mixture of booze and adrenaline that gushed throughout the entire room. The surge was higher than the usual weekend night for the club because the upper section of the area was book entirely to attain privacy by some of the most highly recognized group pf people; that had book the club under a private name for a private event. The event and the group of people were so anonymous that no one around the club, from the manager to staff were aware of who these people are. Some believed that a secret mafia transaction was going to take place, while some believed that some high school kids were going to make a scene tonight. Celeste simply made her way towards one of the VIP booths and knocked on the door before getting inside. A group of privately booked strippers that were provided by the club in association with a private strip and pole dancing studio; were almost naked dancing on top of the strips and poles fixed on the large circular tables around the crescent shaped fixed plush sueded sofa chairs. Carrying the tray over her one hand and balancing it neatly, Celeste walked inside the room and starting placing the ordered drinks on the table. She swiped one look across the table and she could tell by looking at the laying coat jackets and loosened ties around the men’s neck that they were some tired corporate asses who came in to the club to burn off the steam from their nine to five jobs, where they would brag about their weekend adventures with some strippers that they paid for to the rest of the office. One of the men, who was in his early thirties, noticed Celeste and started passing the drinks to his fellow mates. He swooned, as he looked at the tight white button up shirt stitched right over Celeste’s body, while her brunette hair hung lose out of her bun. he roamed a perverted gaze over her chest and then looked down at her tight skirt that feverishly impressed over the curve of her hips, her petite waist and the purged out round ample of her bum. He was sitting at the corner of the booth, hence just as soon as Celeste was done serving the drinks and turned to leave; the man cornered her around, blocking her way towards the door. “Why don’t you join us for a drink?” he urged, in a thick Yorshire-ish accent, trying to get her to stay in their booth. It wasn’t something unusual to happen to Celeste and many of the waitresses around the place did stayed back to drink in the customer’s booth but Celeste definitely didn’t like wasting her time for some random lad, who would make drinks and excuse to get laid with her. “I am working at the moment. The club is packed and they need me!” she smiled politely at the man, while everyone around the booth began hooting for Celeste. “Oh come on stay!” “I hear that American accent!” The man who stood in front of Celeste winked at her, which made her roll her eyes. “So, you would like for me to stay?” Celeste c****d at him and everyone hooted in response. “Yeah! Yes!” “Well you see, the club is packed and I would make around four to five hundred in tips and my usual weekend wage is around five hundred sterling; so lets put it all together and say that I would cost you for around a thousand pounds and all of that just for a bunch of booze! Because I am not stripping or letting anyone else get anywhere near me. Boys...” Celeste patted the man’s face as if he was a completely bewildered child, who was taken aback by Celeste’s profound sense of humor and intelligence, “You see if anyone tried touching me or getting me drunk, we have some very strong bouncers and guards around the place; you must have seen them when you were not that drunk and so horny? So, here we have given you these bimbos to enjoy on! Do it! Act safe and don’t touch anyone without their consent, or else you will die tonight!” She smiled, as she stepped ahead and the man immediately stepped sideways, scared of the crazy woman that he had no idea what she could be capable of. Celeste smiled making her way back towards the bar counter in order to pick up another order. One her way, she spared another look at the VIP section, that was still empty. Seeing that the bar was only serving people at the counter and the rest of the tables were being served by the other waitresses, Celeste looked at the watch in her hands and noticed that it was almost ten, which meant that she had to prepare for the guests that were going to come upstairs as she was appointed as their hostess. Walking to the back of the bar; she ignored Jeremy’s attempt at making women swoon at him by exhibiting his skills of bartending. She entered the kitchen of the club, where everyone smiled and chimed as Celeste passed them by and many of the chefs called her out to have a meal or at least drink something; as she looked famished but she chose to ignore them and simply entered the resource room. Getting in, she walked towards one of the closets and picked out a coat jacket that went perfectly well for her outfit. She smoothly ran a hand over the coat’s fabric and smiled to herself, knowing that the only distance between her being a waitress and a hostess rested in that jacket. She was not usually given the opportunity to host the guest in her presence but the usual hostess; had gotten pregnant and was on her maternity leave. The special VIP booking was at a very short notice and it came in directly through; Edward Brighton, who was the club’s owner. Celeste found it as her perfect opportunity to impress the man, as she had heard that he was also coming in with the VIP guests and secure her spot as the new hostess of the club, as she had heard that the club’s management was looking for a new hostess for the ground floor, as the last one had to be fired because she was caught sleeping with many guests. The door to the resource room opened up and a short curly hair blond sprinted in. she wore the usual waitress uniform and her round widened eyes, were a sign for Celeste that her friend was definitely worried for her. “Oh my God! Celeste what are you doing?” Celeste immediately flew the coat over her body and donned it, raising her eyebrows. “How do I look?” “Like this coat was just made for you!” her friend smiled, moving her hands in front of her and exhibiting two shots of vodkas in her hands, that she shook up a little as she grinned in excitement. “Oh God! I can not drink, Poly.” Celeste hissed at her friend. “Just shut up! Take it.” Poly shoved the glass towards Celeste, warning to drop it and Celeste immediately grabbed the drink so it won’t spill on her clothes. “Just drink it, go up and serve the guest, the best you could and you will be the new hostess of the ground floor and my new boss!” Celeste shook her head, gulping down the sour content of the drink. “Don’t tell me Jeremy prepared them!” she stated, once having drunk the liquid, only realizing that her question was a bit too late to ask for. “No! I know Jeremy, he is a sucker! Buzz prepared it for us and now just go ahead and be my new boss.” Poly patted Celeste’s back and pushed her out of the resource room. “What are you going to do here? Aren’t you coming with me?” Poly snorted, “I am going to take some rest and practice for when you would become my new boss.” Celeste laughed, shaking her head at her friend and pushing her out with her. “I am not achieving anything in life without you.” “Oh please Cell... just let me rest a little!” Celeste shook her head in negative, “No! you are my lucky charm and I am not doing anything with you.” “Is this your way of saying that you won’t let me rest.” Celeste smiled, closing her eyes, a habit that Poly found extremely annoying. “I hate you!” “But I love you!” Celeste pecked her friend’s cheek and the two made their way towards the upstairs, where the manager of the club; an Asian man in his mid forties with the name tag, ‘Jin See-Yo, was waiting for Celeste, as he asked the cleaner and other workers to keep the place exceptionally clean and presentable. “Where were you, Celeste?” Jin hissed at Celeste, who was certainly taken aback by his presence. “Mr. Jin, I thought you were on your day off, isn’t your wife having a baby today?” Jin and Rose, who was the top floor hostess at the club, were both married and hence, in order to compensate for Rose’s absence during such a crucial event, Jin had appointed Celeste as the hostess of the floor, as he knew that she could be trusted as she had been dying to prove her ability and be the new hostess of the ground floor of the club. Jin sighed, looking down and shaking his head, “She is at the hospital and having a baby!” Both Celeste and Poly’s eyes went wide as they looked at Mr. Jin and noticed the intensity of his words. “So, what are you doing here?” Jin laughed out loud, looking almost like a manic to the two girls. “I got a call!” he stated with a somber expression, covering his face. “Call? Was it the Mafia? Poly inquired, “I have heard that they are having a huge event at the club today. I am so scared that if something goes wrong and they start shooting, I might get shot! I don’t want to die! I am too young to die! I don’t you Cell, that I don’t want to serve up here tonight! I am okay getting hit on by those random stupid customers. It is too dangerous up here. You shouldn’t also host. Take the coat off right now...” Mr. Jin laughed even harder, shaking his head, “The call was from an even more dangerous person.” “Who could be even more then the Mafia?” Poly mumbled under her breath pondering over Jin’s words, while Celeste’s eyes went wide realizing how Jin was talking about. At the same time, a white shining Rolls Royce Bentley came to a halt right outside the club, as a tall man in his late twenties stepped outside the car, his tall and handsome features attracting everyone around the room. As he walked the entire length of the road; he didn’t bother enough to wait in the long queue and rather paved his way directly towards the door, as people in the line began cursing him for cutting them and directly walking up ahead. The large bouncers, who were scaring every single person in the line suddenly stepped back and bowed down to the man, allowing him to step inside. “What? Why in the hell did you let him in?” One of the person waiting outside the club complained while once the man stepped inside the club, the bouncer grunted at the complainer, making him step back in fear. The man then walked the entire length of the club and roamed his gaze very pre dominantly around the entire space. Seeing people busy on dance and booze, he felt somewhat satisfactory; with the surge of people that had turned out for the week night at the club. The man’s domineering and cold aura spread throughout the entire club and A cold gush of wind surfed throughout the heated and tightly packed club area; making many people feel suddenly chilly. A sense that many found absurd in an environment where people were barely covered in any clothing due to the body heat being exhorted. “Oumph!” Poly complained, rubbing her hands over her arms, “Why is it so cold up here?” Celeste looked at Poly in confusion. “Cold?” Looking at her situation, Jin moved towards the railings on the top floor and shook his head, looking down at the ascending stairs, where he saw the man walk up towards the top floor. “He is here!” Jin announced, making both Celeste and Poly share a confusing look but at the same time they rushed towards where Jin was standing and both of them gasped looking at the man walking up towards them. But before he could’ve reached the top floor, he halted in his steps as a fight broke out on the dance floor and two men indulged in to brawl and people around the two man began running here and there, trying to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Many women screamed as the two men punched each other and landed at those women’s feet. Jin’s eyes widened as he saw the horrific scene unfold in front of him. It was his responsibility to avoid any such incident to sprawl. Hence using the small circular back stairs that were only used by the hotel staff, he sprinted down the stairs and using his microphone to call out on the security guards and within seconds the guards held up both of the two men away from each other, while Jin guided the guards to take them inside his office and call the police. Celeste and Poly both were shocked to see the events unfold but soon Celeste’s eyes went towards the stairs and she saw the man in question no longer standing in his last spot. Startled that Jin might get in trouble, Celeste rushed down the stairs to help Jin who was walking with the guards and taking the two bruised men towards his office. Just as the guards dragged the men in Jin’s office, through the back of the resource room, Jin was called out by Celeste and he stayed back but soon the two saw that the guards were sent out and the door closed behind them. “What? Why are you guys out?” The color on the guards’ faces was drained out and both Celeste and Jin shared a horrified look, aware of what was about to happen inside the room. “He is in there, isn’t he?” Jin asked with a shaky breath and the two guard only nodded their head, walking out of the resource room, leaving Jin and Celeste both scared for their lives. Soon they heard, screaming, cried and loud punches coming out from the room and both of them grabbed each other’s arms, shaking every time, a sound echoed out of the room. “They are dead, aren’t they?” she breathed, against Jin’s shoulder who had his eyes closed, frightened of the sounds that he was listening to and yet he could already imagine what would be happening to the poor bastards inside his sacred office. “Oh, if they aren’t dead yet! They would wish they are dead.” The sounds of the screams of the two poor fighters got louder and louder as Celeste spoke. “I wish they are dead, I don’t want them to suffer anymore.” Soon the voices and screaming noises died down and both Celeste and Jin breathed out loud and looked at the door, that flew open, making the two gasp as the handsome man walked out, flying his coat up over his shoulder and fitting them over arms. Walking out towards the resource room, not even bothering to spare a look at Celeste and Jin. Celeste was completely drawn to the man’s stature and dark looks. Something about his presence always enveloped her heart. He was ignorant of his surroundings and she was only concentrated on him whenever he would be around. Just as she looked at him, she saw bright rays of light emerging out of the man’s body and shining firm and bright. Leaving her swooned and ignoring Celeste as he walked out of the room, the man didn’t bother to spare a single glance back at the mess that he had created. Jin walked towards his office with his body shaking and a squeaky breath hinged out of his mouth as he saw that the two men who put up a fight laid bloodied and bruised on the ground with their bodies tied together; as if they were put in a single knot by the man. Realizing that her existence had ben ignored by her crush once again, Celeste shook her head and walked ahead and saw the little human body wrapping done by the ignorant man. Her eyes widened and she looked at Jin, who immediately called for the guards who came in rushing and immediately squeaked just like Jin, as soon as they saw the two men and their condition. “Gosh!” Jin complained, perching down next to the two men, who had both of their faces up close as their hands were entangled towards. “Why would you break into a fight at a club like this?” Celeste rolled her eyes, walking out of the premises of the office, while the guards picked up the man and trying to pull them apart but they began yelling in pain, “Please... please take us to a doctor!” “Of course we will take you to a doctor. Because he makes sure that whoever fights in this club, gets to see a doctor then!” “But why would he beat us so badly?” the other man complained and Jin simply shook his head. “Because... he is Edward Brighton, the owner of this club!” Just as Jin announced who that domineering man was, he stood up against the railing of the top floor, looking down at his precious elite club, that had the neon sign board going in circular wires and forming the name of his club right in front of him on the railing. ‘Brighton Nights’ ------------------------------------  Hello Everyone! This Book is back and is going to be bigger and more fun than you could think of. I have decided to change the pace of the previous book and make this one more fun and bright! Hope you guys will enjoy this book as much as I will enjoy writing it :D  Thank you for your patience and now it is time to buckle up and start reading the journey and story of Charlie and his love! Thank you for always reading and supporting my work <3 
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