Chapter 2

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-Willow P.O.V.- My empire and name have grown all over within the Mafia world and the “real” world. The 22-year-old badass who can ruin your life if you double cross her. Everyone knows me as the Mafia Queen of the Mafia world, but everyone else knows me as Willow. My brother has also made a name for himself as my ride or die who is not to be messed with. He also ended up finding someone who he loves with all of his heart. The man that stole my brothers’ heart is a good guy. He is not a part of our world which is fine as long as he never goes behind our backs. But I know he will not because he really loves my brother and treats him so well. He also calls me sis which is okay by me since they have been together ever since my brother was 14. Blades (my brother) boyfriend's name is Kevin. Kevin doesn’t have any family, so he has been living with us since Blade and him got together. He also works for one of my legal companies. Yes, I know, I actually have some legal businesses along with my Mafia business. I need to make sure that I always have money coming if I don’t get jobs from the Mafia which honestly, I will probably have to never worry about since I am always getting hired. The mafia world really counts on me a lot. Right now, though, I am sitting in my office waiting on Blade to get in here so we can talk about our next job. He is never on time when I need him to be. “Blade get your mouth off of Kevins and get your ass in here!! We have work to do!!” I yelled from my desk looking at the pile of files that need to be gone through. Then just like that here comes Blade running in. I just shake my head at him because I know he was totally just preoccupied with Kevin's mouth. “Sorry sis. I had to walk Kevin to the door and say goodbye before he left for work. You know how I am.” He says laughing at the last thing he said because he knows I know how he is. I ended up chuckling as well. My brother may be a hardass, but he is a sweetheart when it comes to the love of his life. “It is okay, bro. Now we have a case that we need to get a start on. There is a Mafia leader that needs to get his son. Apparently, his son was kidnapped last night because they wanted revenge. The Mafia leader's name is Marco, which you know who he is, and his son's name is Xavier. We have never meant him.” As I am speaking, I hand my brother Marcos’s file that has everything he needs in it. He is reading while listening to me. “Now apparently, he was taken by some underground thugs who we have dealt with before for some reason they think Marco needs to pay a debt to them, but he doesn’t know what. I have called around since and it seems no one knows what Marco could have done for them to take Xavier. They think maybe Xavier owes them something that he hasn’t paid for yet.” This case sounds more and more fishy as I speak, and I can tell Blade is thinking the same thing because he is being quiet. After a few minutes of silence, Blade speaks. “Sis to be honest this whole thing sounds fishy. Like why would some underground guys take Marcos' son? If they did then why doesn’t Marco know? Also, we have never even heard of Xavier, why? We need to research Xavier and see if he really is Marcos' son. Then I am going to call one of my buddies who is underground to see what is actually going on.” I nod and with that Blade gets up to walk to his office. As he closes the door, I get to work to find out who Xavier really is. After 2 hours of working Blade comes bursting in my office looking frantic. “Blade what the hell is going on?” I said as soon as I saw his face once he entered. He comes straight to me and slams a piece of paper on my desk. I begin to read it and I become pissed off more than I already was. The paper was a fax from his underground guy telling him that Marco sent his eldest son to them since Marco killed one of their men. It was to make them even. The only thing is that they didn’t want his son, they wanted Marco. Basically, Marco wanted us to do his dirty work. He started this war with the underground which was a dumb idea on him. Marco is a good drug runner/leader, but he sucks when it comes to the dirty work. He just doesn’t understand that there is more to this world. He always uses us to fix his messes and now I am done. I finally looked up at Blade to tell him what I found out about Xavier. “Well, it looks like Marco wants us to clean another one of his messes, but this time I am not doing it. I found out that Xavier is his own Mafia boss, he is 25 years old and left home at 18 to get away from Marco. He has never liked Marco, and Marco beats his kids. I have had enough of Marco and this is just the icing on the cake. We are going to save Xavier and then take down Marco. We can let his second oldest son to take over since that one seems more responsible.” Blade is nodding in approval since I know that he is tired of Marco too. I also know that once he heard that Marco beat his kids was more than enough to take him down. “Now here is what I am thinking we should do; we should call the underground and offer them a deal which they can not refuse. Xavier for Marco. Now we need to get them all here waiting for Marco to show up to get Xavier after we “saved” him then they can take Macro for all I care. The POS needs to be gone.” Blade agrees with my plan and leaves to go make a call to his guy from the underground. I am tired of having to clean up people’s mistakes because they are too stupid to think things through. I am successful because I think things through. I don’t act on whatever I am feeling at the moment. Being in the Mafia requires thought. It requires respect. Marco has disrespected me because he lied to me. You do not lie to me. When you lie to me, I will take your life. That is the most disrespectful thing you can do to a boss. When you lie to a boss then you are basically calling them stupid because you think that they will not look things up or find anything out. You think they are lazy or blind and I am neither of those things. I always do background checks. Marco must be high or something to think that I am that dumb to not do my background checks. Blade comes back to my office “Okay so I called my guy, and they want us to go there to get this deal in writing. They are wary about this deal since he seems too good to be true. Also, they need to know that this isn’t a setup because you are the Mafia Queen after all.” He says that last part chuckling. I know what they mean and how they feel so I nod to tell him okay. I get it. It is hard to believe that the Mafia Queen is just handing them their best tradeoff that they have ever heard of, but honestly they are doing me a favor since they will be getting rid of Marco. I then pick up the phone to dial my driver to let him know to get the car ready since we will be leaving in about an hour or so. After the phone call, I get up to walk to my room to get changed and ready for the meeting. I take a quick shower then get dressed in my signature high-waisted black skinny jeans, a tan tank-top, high-heels, winged eyeliner, shoulder holster for my guns, and then a black trench coat. Along with all the other things that you do when you get out of the shower along with jewelry. After an hour, I am ready to do this meet up with the underground as is my brother. We then get in the car getting ready for a once in a lifetime deal.
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