Chapter 1

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-Willow P.O.V.- Some people end up with normal childhoods while others end up with the sh*t end of the stick. It’s just how life is, unfortunately. I have had to come to terms with my life, and the cards that I have been dealt. I did not have a choice in the matter. I had to grow up fast and take up the family business whether I liked it or not. Now I should explain first that my life is not like a normal one. I was the daughter of a Mafia leader. My father was a well-respected man within the Mafia community. He was a go to man within the Mafia world, he would handle jobs such as dealing with kidnappings, lost shipments, dealing with the cops, or threats that were thrown to another Mafia leader. Basically, he was an immensely powerful man that had all the Mafia leaders coming to him because he was the best at what he does. Everything was perfect for the first 4 years of my life with my dad and mother. Now my mother was not a part of the Mafia scene, but she loved my father through it all. When my mother became pregnant with my brother, I was so excited because I always wanted a sibling. I wanted someone that would be my ride or die, no matter what. My mother had a great pregnancy up until the birth… Everything went downhill when it was time for her to deliver my brother. My mother ended up bleeding to death after giving birth; the doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding or do anything to save her. My father died that day along with my mother. My father blamed my brother and wanted to kill him until I stepped up and demanded my father to let my brother live. My father gave me two choices to either help raise him along with a maid or he kills him, and we move on. I chose option 1 without even having to think about it. I felt the bond between him and I as soon as he was born. From the moment my brother came home, I helped raise him along with the maid. I was only 4 years old, but I caught on quickly. By the time I was 10, I was the only one who raised my brother. That is also when everything started going downhill. My father was an alcoholic who was also addicted to drugs who started beating my brother and I. He beat me because I cared for my brother, and he beat my brother because “he killed my mother”. After the first beating I decided enough was enough. Something awoke in me that day. I started homeschooling my brother and I along with training every single day. Training included knowing everything about the Mafia and what my father does, combat skills, weapon fighting, shooting while also taking a gun apart while putting it back together, poisons, and we lifted weights while also having cardio. I was making sure we could handle anything that would be thrown our way. We did this for 6 years along with sharing a room. We did this so we could lock ourselves in to make sure our father couldn’t get to us. Now today is my birthday, the big 16, which should be exciting but unfortunately it is the day I killed my father with my bare hands. I was in the kitchen getting me something to drink when my father came in drunk. READ THE NEXT PART WITH CAUTION “You look so much like your mother and since you wanted to keep the thing that killed your mother then maybe you should do something for me.” My father slurred his words as he spoke. I rolled my eyes before I turned around to face this man that I used to think of as my father now he is nothing to me. He is just a waste of space that I hate. “Why won’t you answer me, bit*h?! Huh?!” My father spat at me with venom seeping through his voice. That is when something snapped in me. “You know what FU*K YOU. I hate you with everything in me. I am glad that my mother is not alive to see the waste of space that you have become. She would have wanted you to love your son that you two made together instead of becoming what you have become. So honestly, I do not answer to you and I am waiting for the day you die so I can be there to spit on your grave. You are a worthless human being that has become old and washed up.” I spat at him with nothing but venom in my voice and my face twisted up in disgust. After I was done speaking, my father slapped me across the face. He then lunged at me causing me to lose my footing and I fell down. He came down on top of me and started to kiss my neck. I tried to push him off of me as he brought his hand down until it landed over my pu**y. He cupped it through my jeans and then I blacked out and started beating my father. I punched hard across the face which caused his head to fling to the side. I used this as an opportunity to push him off of me. I then straddled him as I hit him in the head over and over again. I then grabbed handfuls of his hair as I jerked his head up only to slam it down on the ground. I had his hair in-between my fingers as well as blood splattered all over me. IT IS SAFE NOW TO READ I did not stop until my brother was pulling me off my father. My hands were cut up and bleeding while my father was dead on the floor with his face completely busted in with his brain matter spilling from his skull. He was dead, finally. I then clung to my brother and cried as my body was trying to calm itself down. I wasn’t crying of what I did, oh no, I was crying because of all the anger that was in me. After a couple of minutes, I finally calmed down, and picked myself off the floor. I started making my way to my father’s office to where my brother followed me. I could hear my brother calling for me to stop, but I was too far gone to listen to him. The maids that I passed gasped at me as I marched to my father’s office while leaving a trail of blood and bloody footsteps behind me. Once I made it to his office, I ended up calling all of my father’s contacts to tell them that I killed my father and to let them know I will be taking over his business. Some laughed at me because I was just some 16-year-old girl, but little did they know what I was capable of. For the next two years after I made that phone call, I proved who I was, and I ended up getting respect from all the mafia leaders around the world. I became known as the one and only Mafia Queen. I had built an empire and had nothing but loyalty from everyone who was around me. My brother, Blade, became my ride or die. He was my right-hand man. He proved himself alongside me. We were the most feared among the Mafia leaders and that is how I wanted to keep it. Now the only thing missing was someone to make this life worth it. To find someone who will bring me back to life. My brother sees me at my best, but when I am alone, I succumb to the darkness that is within me. I just want someone who will love me for me and accept my life. Who knew that 4 years later I would end up finding that one person to call my own?
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