Chapter 2 I Know How To Find Out the Killer

802 Words
It took Elena three days to digest the fact that she was reborn. She spent three days lying in the hospital bed, rejecting seeing anyone who wanted to pay her a visit, and indulging in the memories of her previous life. When she recalled what Andrew had done to her and how she died, Elena was devoured by hatred. She had loved Andrew for ten years, but in the end, it turned out that she was too blind to see who he really was. Since God gave her the chance to go back to twenty again, she would never spare him! She would never spare those who cheated on her and used her! Elena was in a daze when her phone buzzed. According to her previous life's memory, she knew that it must be her "bestie". "I know you're not feeling well, Lena. I contacted Andrew and told him what had happened. He's rather worried about you. So I'm bringing him to you right now. Don't worry. You will see him soon." Diane said gently, as if she was doing all of these for Elena. "Thank you, Diane," Elena said as her ice-cold eyes stared at the window. Her "bestie" was the reason she suffered a lot in her previous life! Diane knew that Elena loved Andrew very much. She always talked about "the lovers should be together" and offered advice to Elena many times. But every time Elena did what Diane said would always reach Clayton's ears. Smart people could guess what the reason was. "Lena, did you miss me?" The door of the ward was pushed open. A handsome man walked in and said, It was Andrew. Seeing him, Elena hid the hatred in her eyes with a cold smile, saying nothing. "See, Lena, I bring Andrew for you. Why don't you say anything?" "What's going on? I'm tired. If you guys have nothing to say, I need to rest," Elena said indifferently. These two people had put her through hell. She just couldn't be friendly to someone who had murdered her before. Elena's attitude made Diane feel embarrassed and confused. She went over and grabbed Elena's hand and said, "I know you don't want to be engaged to Mr. Warren, Lena. I know you're in pain. Andrew has already bought you the ticket. You'd better go with Andrew now and leave that devil." Leaving with Andrew now? So that she would get caught by Clayton at the airport and get a good lesson from that man? Interesting! She would never repeat the mistake again! "Thank you, Diane. But I can't leave. I still have something important to deal with, I can't leave like this," Elena looked at Diane and said. She still sounded gentle, yet distant. "Something important? Do you really want to get engaged to Mr. Warren? Don't act like a child, Lena. You'll be ruined if you stay with that devil!" Diane seemed to be very worried and nervous, as if she was looking out for Elena. Seeing Diane's act, Elena couldn't help but smile. No wonder she would trust Diane in her previous life. Diane was such a good actress, knowing how to gain Elena's trust with few words. How could Elena figure out Diane's real purpose? "I was pushed into the pool, Diane. I didn't commit suicide," Elena said, and studied the expression on Diane's face. As expected, Diane looked guilty when she heard Elena's words. Seeing this, Elena had figured out what was going on. She continued, "It was dark and I couldn't see her face, but I knew it was a girl. She wore a pink floral dress. I have to find out who she is. So, I can't leave now." "Do you have any idea how many people wear pink floral dresses in this place? Where are you going to find her? Don't talk nonsense, Lena. Just leave with Andrew!" "Really? But I remember you have a pink floral dress too," Elena eyed Diane and coldly said. In fact, in her previous life, Elena had suspected that Diane had something to do with her near-drowning. Because Diane also had a pink floral dress and she wore it that day, Elena was drowning. However, Elena had trusted Diane so much that she thought Diane was helping her. So, in the end, she gave up the suspicion in her heart. "Lena, do you suspect me?" Diane looked at her with surprise and disappointment, as if she was hurt by Elena's words. "Of course not! How could I suspect you?" Elena said with a sweet smile. Hearing this, Diane let out a sigh of relief. But before she continued, Elena said something that startled her badly. "I know there are many girls who have pink floral dresses. But I know how to find the killer."
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