The Rebirth of the Billionaire Spoiled Wife

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“Elena, you’d rather die than be married to me?” Clayton asked her.

She had been forced into a marriage with a cold and calculating man when she was just twenty years old. She didn’t refuse him the second time around.

She would chase her true love at all costs and tried everything to get away from Clayton.

She had not realized her mistakes until right before she was about to die.

She had been given a second chance. Hand in hand with Clayton, she would get her revenge at all costs!

She would not be so easily fooled the second time around. Her name was Elena Olsen. She was going to get everything she deserved!

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Chapter 1 I’m Twenty Again?
Dark and thick clouds were gathering, while the lightning flashed across the sky. Elena Olsen was suspended from a cliff. The only thing she could grab was the man's arm. However, the man was pushing her away... "Don't blame me, Lena. But you can't be useful to me anymore," the man sneered and said coldly. There was only coldness and indifference in his eyes when they settled on her face. Elena's heart instantly sank, and her face cracked a bitter smile, "I have known you since I was ten years old, Andrew Grey, and I never stop loving you. But you have been cheating me and using me all these years..." "You think I'm the only one who has cheated you? You trust people too easily, Elena. And that is your fault." After saying that, Andrew prised her fingers and watched her fall into the cliff... Elena closed her eyes in despair. She forced a bitter smile and finally understood that her whole life was nothing but a stupid joke. If she could have another life, she would definitely... - - - "Someone is drowning! Help! Help!" On the early autumn night, a shout went up from the school's garden pool. It was past midnight. A beautiful girl, who was white as a sheet, lying on the hospital bed, fainted. There was also a handsome yet ice-cold man sitting next to the bed. He wrinkled his brows as he stared at the girl on the bed. He asked angrily, "Didn't you say she would be okay? Why the hell isn't she awake?" "Mr. Warren... Miss Olsen nearly drowned. She will be okay, but she is still very weak, so..." "Enough! Get out!" The man waved his hand and said coldly. He was obviously in a fret. Hearing this, the doctors and nurses immediately swarmed out of the ward. Suddenly, the girl on the bed coughed violently and slowly opened her eyes. The man's face lit up as soon as he saw the girl wake up. He hurried to hold her hand and asked excitedly, "Are you awake? How do you feel?" "Clay... Clayton Warren?" Elena was stunned when she saw the man. Out of fear, she hurriedly withdrew her hand back. How did she get back to this demon? She remembered that she had fallen off the cliff. Did she survive? Wait, his face... Clayton's one cheek got burnt in the big fire a few years ago, but now his face was still fine and beautiful, and he even looked much younger. What the heck? Elena eyed Clayton warily for a while and wondered what was going on. Seeing Elena's indifferent look, Clayton got angrier, "Do you really hate me so much? You'd rather die than get engaged to me?" Get engaged? Elena was confused. Didn't they get engaged when they were twenty years old? Why did he bring it up now? Just when Elena was puzzled, the door was suddenly pushed open. A girl in a school uniform walked in with a bouquet in her arms. "Lena, you silly girl! Do you have any idea how sad I was?" She was Diane Staar, Elena's "bestie". Elena recognized her, but she got more confused because Diane was dressed in a school uniform. What the hell was going on? Elena's eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at the angry man beside her, "Clayton, how... How old am I...?" "Twenty," Clayton opened his thin lips and said briefly. "Are you delusional from the drowning, Lena? You are going to turn twenty next week. Have you forgotten? There will be a lot of people coming to witness your engagement with Mr. Warren. I think it must be a gorgeous ceremony." Elena was so stunned that she couldn't speak. She was twenty years old? Her engagement to Clayton? But wasn't that happened ten years ago? Did it mean that she...

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