The Billionaire

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This book is written from a true life story of a billionaire man who's brought up in a hard way and finally grew up to be mentally and physically Strong. Faught in the military ?️ as an air force personal. Went back to he's original parents who made him face that life so he could manage their wealth well and he met a poor girl within the locality. After having a billionaire girl who really likes him in the aviation school. And where connected parentally..

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About Kwan and he's Home town.
Kwan was a boy born and raised in south Korea. He lived he's life not knowing he was a billionaire's son, Kwan lived in a little town named Andong. Andong is a small populated town known for marketing and farming of vegetables and and people there also lived happily not bordering about what the high politicians do about their roads, towns, schools or even environment. Kwan was just 6 years old living with he's Uncle Kim. Kim took Kwan in as a little boy abandoned by he's Mum after conceiving him for a stranger. He's Uncle took after him and watched him as a son. In this community Andong, people only lived as farmers and trader's, the average person lived and owns a Bicycle while the rice owns little farm trucks and bikes. Kwan uncle was an average man who has two biological kids, Including Kwan making three. these three kids grew up together as brothers. Kwan was a smart intelligent and special kid even among he's mates. He was a tall dark boy cause he's parents where mixed. He made A's in he's class in all subjects and was the class captain. Girls always do flock around him for being intelligent and tall even in he's community. Andong had no scholarship programs or advanced education systems. They operate in the Middle class systems. Kwan brothers where all brave as well that makes them connect in a very good level. Their father Hang was a famer who has a very big portion of land and was respected in the community was 55 years old still agile and loves to see he's kids grow educationally so he does give them enough time to study and does much of the farm works himself and he's Employees. The kids usually joins him at the farm by evenings after they get back from school and had Dinner. Their mum would make a lot of food for the family do nobody complains of hunger after they've got home from school. They love happily as family, I'll day they where The average happy family in Andong, a lot of farmers relate with their father because he's system of plantation way very good and grows rapidly without any damages from Insects or crop diseases. Hang grows Crops likes Cabbage, tomatoes, yam and also Suger Cain. He had alot of investor's from the developed city because he's crops where well developed and pleasing to the eyes. He makes quit a lot in a year so we'll day he's among the top average men in the city. Hang wife is a trader, she's sales Clothing materials and also sales Food for farm workers by the weekend. They've lived in the community for over 35 years. They where well known for as the Hangs. The father invests alot in he's kids education. They had a next door neighbor who was rich as well and had troublesome kids. He's kids always have a way of looking for Kwan and he's siblings trouble but they'll always ignore them. The next door neighbor had a very beautiful daughter who was calm and different from her brothers. A day came where Kwan was stocked in the rain on the main road and there where no cars or even Buses to take him home. Then while waiting there Comes the governor's Daughter passing by on her car with the driver. And she's offered to drop Kwan of he's street but Kwan profoundly refused the offer. Kim was a toxic person who doesn't likes people around her and Kwan never liked her because of her pride and ego. She insisted Kwan joined her in the car so she'll drop him off but he refused. He rather stay under the bus park than Join her. For me I'll say he's reserving himself from having anything to do with her. But we'll see how it goes on other chapter's. Kwan brothers where home wondering where there older brother must have been, they where all looking through the windows waiting for him. He was their favorite big brother because he was tall, smart and intelligent. Not only that but because he cares about them alot and they all behaved like triples. There father Hang never made Kwan felt like an outsider even though Kwan had no idea he was he's Uncle not he's biological Dad. Yes Kwan never knew and that's a big secret even he's siblings never knew. They grew up with the Idea of being blood brothers and nobody said anything about their difference in parental birth. Kwan siblings Jang and Shawn where just 14 and 16 Jang was the oldest of hang sons and Shawn was the second. Their mum loved them all equally. Kwan would always be the older brother who was brave and smart. He stays out of trouble regardless and he's siblings also follows he's footsteps. Kwan always wished to be a pilot. And he's working on that dream regardless. He's brother wanted to be business men and Doctors which was all fine to have a dream and chase them regardless. Their father was supportive on their careers and never made them lack anything educationally. He wants he's kids to be better than him. So he pays attention to their dreams and also supports them. Their mum was also a smart woman, she spends time with her kids and cook delicious meals for them, u know how male kids love food alot. And mum was a very good cook, the kids compliment her cooking and always say they'll marry a woman who's good as there mum, mum would always laugh. What do u think would happen in the next chapter? I'll Need you to take a guess.

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