Act I-3

1932 Words

Doris . Hello, people. Jerry [a little stiffly—he’s mad.] Why, hello, Doris. Doris sits down with a faint glance at her chair, as though suspecting its chastity. Doris . Well, I’m engaged again. She says this as though realizing that she is the one contact this couple have with the wider and outer world. She assumes with almost audible condescension that their only objective interest is the fascinating spectacle of her career. And so there is nothing personal in her confidences; is as though she were reporting dispassionately an affair of great national, or, rather, passional importance. And, indeed, Jerry and Charlotte respond magnificently to her initial remark by saying “Honestly?” in incredulous unison and staring at her with almost bated breath. Doris [laconically]. Last night.

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