Act I-4

1974 Words

Charlotte [uneasily]. What do you want? Mr. Snooks leers and winks broadly, whereat Charlotte bumps back against the bookcase. Snooks [hoarsely]. Tell your husband Sandy Claus is here. Charlotte [calling nervously]. Jerry, here’s somebody wants to see you. He says he’s—he’s Santa Claus. In comes Jerry. He sees the situation, but the appearance of the b-o-o evidently shocks him, and a wave of uneasiness passes over him. Nevertheless, he covers up these feelings with a magnificent nonchalance. Jerry . Oh, yes. Howdedo? How are you? Glad to see you. Snooks [wiggling the bag, which gives out a loud, glassy clank]. Hear it talking to you, eh? Charlotte looks from one to the other of them darkly. Jerry . It’s all right, Charlit. I’ll tend to it. You go up-stairs. You go up-stairs and re

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