Ch 1-1 Milena and Trouble

1245 Words
As usual, the forest on the side of one of Colorado's major cities is bustling with activity here and there, both visible and invisible. The air that afternoon was also not so hot. The leaves that were originally green are now starting to look yellow, the tree trunks are starting to shrivel as the day goes by. Small animals running on tree trunks, butterflies flying in search of food, ants neatly lined up to their nests, bears busy looking for fish in the river, and the activities of other forest-dwelling creatures. Oh! Don't forget the invisible forest dwellers! They are also busy preparing supplies for winter which will arrive in the next few weeks. While all the invisible inhabitants were busy working, on one of the tall oak trunks, a fairy (a type of fairy with small body and wings like Tinker Bell) seemed to be fast asleep. Her hair was smooth, dark blond, and fell down to her waist, her ears were pointed with a curvaceous shape, and her beautiful wings drooped beautifully on her back. She fell fast asleep. Her beautiful face was as if she was a sleeping princess from a fairy land. The beautiful fairy was sleeping so soundly and peacefully, if anyone saw her at that time, then that person would be amazed and stunned by the beautiful sight. However, all of this is just an illusion. Because this one fairy, even though she looks like the most beautiful and graceful creature, her temperament is very bad. In the fairy world, she is very famous for her disruptive behavior. Her face is indeed beautiful, it is undeniable from the many male fairies who have tried to win her heart, her response is only laughter and she will stick her tongue out at anyone who expresses his feeling toward her. Not infrequently it makes other female fairies jealous and annoyed, maybe, the whole fairy world doesn't like it. They couldn't do anything about the fairy's behavior because she was one of the last descendants of the four legendary fairies that ever existed. Even the elders couldn't do anything about it. From a distance, several fairies seemed to be busy working together to transport strawberries in large leaf rolls. "Look! She's  in lazy mode again!" grumbled a female fairy with slightly bent wings. Her eyes narrowed in displeasure to see the lazy fairy sleeping comfortably while the others were busy working. "Stop your attitude, Lucinda! You don't want to be an evil fairy, do you? Just leave her alone! An elder said if you keep dealing with Milena, you'll become one of the outcast evil fairies. With her behavior and bad temper that likes to be angry and disruptive, why does she have to have such a perfect physical appearance?! She's really terrible!" the fairy beside her shuddered. "You're right, she's the most beautiful fairy I've ever met." Alfred took a deep breath, his wings flapping so slowly that they almost made the strawberries fall from their rolls. "Why do men only look at the physical side!" Lucinda shouted fiercely. "Frida! You are the most beautiful fairy to me! You are kind, helpful, your face is not inferior to her! Why should she get that title?" Frida just pursed her lips and frowned. Her beautiful eyes glanced secretly at Alfred behind Lucinda, the male fairy looked with sad eyes at Milena—the fairy who earned the nickname Grumpy Fairy (she has many nicknames, but her grumpy nature stands out more than others). "Stop talking about other people. Very inappropriate! It's almost evening, we still have work after this." Grace who was behind Frida warned in a scornful tone. The three of them were silent, Grace was the eldest fairy among the three of them, couldn't help but stop the conversation. That pretty fairy, Milena, still fast asleep. From the top of the tree, suddenly a strawberry landed on her head until she woke up, she screamed in pain and cursed in the empty air. Her wings spread beautifully across back, she rubbed her head in pain. "Who dares to throw strawberries at my head?" Milena flew around the tree, looking for the culprit, in her heart she had intended to hit the face of the criminal who had disturbed her sleep earlier. A squirrel saw Milena's action flying around like a merry-go-round during the day. "You!" pointed fiercely with eyes glaring at the squirrel. The squirrel was astonished, its head tilted to the right. "Did you it throw to my head?" Milena flew to the squirrel with her hands on her hips. "Say something!" demanded angrily. The squirrel just watched Milena from head to toe. Unbeknownst to Milena, the squirrel was trying to grab it. "After throwing it at me, you want to eat me?" Milena's tone rose an octave. From behind the tree on the other side, a fairy giggled at the sight. Then she flew away from her. From afar, three other fairies were waiting anxiously. "Ok, Grace! Where have you been? You said just a minute!" Lucinda protested. But Grace didn't answer the question right away, her laughter bursting wildly. The three of them were astonished. "Anything funny? Hello?" quipped Lucinda. Grace smiled in satisfaction and said in a proud tone. "I threwa a strawberry at Milena who was sleeping, and now she's talking like crazy to a squirrel!" There was a moment of silence, then Frida and Lucinda burst out laughing. Alfred just took a deep breath with a wry smile on his face. They continued their journey, Grace said that she had been wanting to do this for a long time. Patience and silence against Milena was a waste of time, they had to do something that would deter her. "Is she all right? You know, that strawberry isn’t small." Alfred asked, worried. "Don't be stupid! Her head is hard as a rock! Just like her personality!" Lucinda laughed louder than before. "She deserves it. Never thought you'd done something like that." She winked at Grace. "Occasionally I don't think it's a problem." She smiled contentedly. "Come on! Mrs. Malissa will scold us if we are late." When the four fairies, well, to be more precise the three fairies walked away satisfied, elsewhere, Milena's anger was running high. She punished the innocent squirrel by tying one of its legs with a tendril and turning its head upside down. The poor creature squirmed in fear. Milena burst out laughing with joy, swearing all kinds of curses while flying around the squirrel in a circle formation. She stuck out her tongue, then occasionally dance with joy. "If you don't want to deal with me, then don't throw strawberry at me! You know my head is precious!" Her voice is fierce. The poor squirrel looked frightened, his face paled, looking like he wanted to say 'not me the culprit', but he was just an unlucky squirrel that day, he couldn't say anything, he couldn't even speak fairy language! The squirrel was getting more and more scared, he closed his eyes tightly—his body dangled left and right, Milena purposely hung him from the tallest tree trunk in the forest. "Uhm. It seems you weren't the culprit." Milena frowned, flew over to the squirrel, she watched it closely. Without speaking, anyone knew that the squirrel didn't do that. Milena clasped her hands to her chest, flew up and down, circled around the squirrel, then smiled slyly. ***   
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