Chapter two

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I woke up the next morning and got my riding pants on. I got on a white sports bra and a shirt, as well as my riding boots. I tied my hair into a high pony and brushed my teeth. I've been riding for years already. Max taught me and ever since then, I've been obsessed with it. I've been riding this horse called Karma Check. He was bought straight off the racing track as a champion stud. I walked downstairs and saw Max standing in the passage. I walked to him and poked his side, making him get a fright. ''You scared the crap out of me'' He huffed and I giggled, noticing the blush appear on his cheeks. Max was wearing white riding pants with black boots and a golf shirt. His hair was messy and he smelt of cologne. It was always a pleasure seeing him and his brother in riding pants. It fitted tightly around them and you got to see their asses perfectly as well as some ''other'' things. ''Let's go. Also, I forgot to mention that Alexander insisted on riding with us today and he's already at the barn" Max said as we both walked down the grassy pathway that lead to the barn. ''How did you sleep last night?'' Max asks, glancing at me. ''I slept well. Would probably help if I could remember how I got back to the bed'' I say, remembering falling asleep in Max's arms. ''You fell asleep while I was holding you, so I carried you back to bed'' He says, making me blush. ''Oh. I'm sorry'' I say softly, my cheeks burning. ''Don't apologize, sweetheart, you looked adorable and peaceful'' Max smiles at me as we enter the barn. I walked to Karma's stall and took him out. I saddled him up and climbed on top of him, stroking his neck. Max joined me riding his boy horse named Ridgeline. We walked out the gates and rode into the forest. The birds were chirping, the grass was green and the sound of a stream filled the air. After we were finished riding, I climbed off and untacked Karma. I watered his legs down, groomed him, and gave him some treats. Max was nowhere to be found and I glanced at the jumping ring seeing that Alexander was riding his chestnut thoroughbred gelding named Pharoah. He looked really hot, as usual. The jumps were set high and he was clearing them. After a couple of minutes of me watching him, he walked Pharoah towards me and smiled at me. "Good morning Cass, how did you sleep?" He asked. "I always sleep well. I don't have to hear my brother and his girlfriend every night and I can finally sleep well, plus your beds are super comfortable" I say and Alex chuckles, and climbs off his horse, opening the arena gate and we both walk next to each other to the barn. "Wheres Max?" He asks and I shrug. "I kind of lost him?" I giggle and Alex chuckles. "You look cute when you sleep, by the way," Alex smiles, as he untacks his horse and puts him in his stall. I blushed and shook my head. "It's true, I wanted to take you upstairs but Max insisted he does it," He says and I turn even a darker shade of red. Alex looked at me and I looked the other way. I did not need him seeing how red my face was. "Cassidy, are you blushing?" Alex chuckles and I shake my head, ignoring him and walking to the house. "That's adorable. You look cute when you blush" He smirks and I playfully shove him to the side. I wasn't sure why he was giving me suddenly so much attention, but I definitely did not mind it. We walked to the kitchen and I sat on the kitchen chairs. Alex gave me a soda and I drank some and yawned. "Sleepy baby, huh?" He says as he sits across from me and I shook my head. "I'm always sleepy" I giggle and suddenly Max walks in. "Where were you?" I pout and he sits next to me, taking a sip of my lemonade. "I was busy bringing the horses in. Apparently, there's going to be a huge storm tonight" Max says and I pouted. Yes, I was scared of the bad weather. I looked at Max and pouted, making him shake his head and laugh. "You can come sleep with me tonight, okay?" He said and I frowned, making him scoff and push me playfully. I giggled and hugged his arm, shivering as the cold wind hit me. Alexander left and I frowned. Did I do something wrong? "Carry me upstairs" I pout and he chuckles, carrying me bridal style upstairs, and throwing me onto my bed. I blew him a kiss and moved my stuff to his room. I took one of his shirts out of the cupboard and took a pair of black lace thongs and went to shower. I washed and conditioned my hair and rinsed the soap off my hair and body and climbed out. I dried myself off and put his shirt on, with my thong, and walked out. Max was sitting on the bed and he smirked at me, looking me up and down. "I don't know what looks better on you, my shirt, or that sexy thong" He looked at me and I shook my head, blushing again. Yes, he has seen me without pants before and just panties because I hated sleeping with pants. I climbed into bed and he took off his shirt and climbed in next to me. He smelt of soap. He must have used one of their other bathrooms to shower. I shivered as I heard lightning and thunder, and the sound of rain pouring down. Max gently put his arms around me, slowly, seeing if I'd stop him or not. I liked feeling safe and protected in his arms. He buried his head in the crook of my neck and I felt his breathe ticking my skin, sending tingles down my spine. My breathing became heavier as I felt him breathing down my neck. "What's the matter, kitten?" He whispered into my ear, sending tingles down my body, making me squeeze my thighs shut. He never called me kitten before, but that pet name did something to me. A whine slipped past my lips and he gently placed a kiss on my neck. "You like the name kitten, don't you?" He whispered and I nodded my head. "Mhmm that's a good girl" He left another kiss on my neck and I could feel how hard he was behind me. "Now be a good kitty and sleep for me, hm?" He said in my ear and I nodded. Soon falling asleep with tingles running through my body.
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