My best friend and his brother

age gap
childhood crush

Cassidy's best friends older brother seems to take a liking into her, and she takes the bait, and takes a liking into him too. Little does she know, her best friend is already inlove with her. What will happen? She's stuck between a fiery love triangle with two gorgeous brothers. Which one will she fall for? Max or Alex? Who will she choose? Or will she fall for both of them?

May the best man win.

-Book one-

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Chapter one
I woke up in the morning with the sound of my brother's annoying music. I picked up my phone to see that the time read 06:12 and I had school at 8. I got up and got my school uniform on which consists of a black pair of knee-high socks, a black and red striped skirt that sat right above my knee, a white buttoned-up long sleeve shirt with a red and black striped tie, and a black blazer with red outlining. I brushed my long, blonde hair and put it in a high ponytail. I got school shoes on and brushed my teeth and walk downstairs seeing that my mom had already left early to work. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and put it in my bag. My brother, Cameron walked downstairs and he was on the phone with his girlfriend. Cameron is nineteen years old, he is tall with blonde/brown hair. Cameron and I use to be close until that girlfriend came in, Jessica. Jessica was a b***h and hated my guts. The worst part was that Jessica spent most of her time here and she'd always have something nasty to say about me. And another thing that sucked was that Jessica was in my class. We were both finishing high school this year. I waited for my phone to buzz so that I knew Max was here to drop me off at school. Max was my best friend. I literally trusted him with everything and we've been best friends since we were children. Max had dark brown hair, pale skin, and beautiful hazel eyes. He was covered in tattoos and piercings and he was a "bad boy." The girls went crazy for him and practically drooled over him. Max was not into love though, and never once did I see him date anybody. I heard my phone buzz and walked outside seeing Max in one of his favorite cars, a black and white Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron. Max and his family were filthy rich. I smiled at him and climbed inside. "Good morning Cass" He smiled, revealing his dimples. "Morning Max" I kiss his cheek and he smiles, driving off. "This afternoon, my place?" He asks and I nod, putting lip gloss on "As always, and we're going to swim," I say and he nods. After a few minutes, Max parked in front of the school and I climbed out. "Text me, sweetheart?" He asks and I nod "Behave" I blow him a kiss and walk upstairs, looking for my best friend, Hailey. Hailey was always bubbly and she was dating a guy named Devin. I saw Hailey and I poked her side, causing her to turn around and hug me tightly. "I missed you!" She practically screams in my ear and I shake my head. "We just saw each other yesterday" I giggle and she shakes her head. "Doesn't count. Also, there's a new rumor going around school, and guess who started it?" She said and I already know who started it. I see Jessica in the halls with her friends and I glare at her. "Apparently you and Max are sleeping together," Hailey says "Yeah well that rumors are not even new, I've heard it before" I roll my eyes. A few hours had past and school was finished. I walked outside and saw Max waiting for me and I smiled, climbing in. "How was school?" He asks as he drives off. "It was boring as usual and Claire started a rumor again that you and I are sleeping around" I roll my eyes and he shakes his head. "I've heard that one before," He says and we stop at his gates, it opening when he presses the buttons on the remote. We drive through an alleyway of trees. There were a few nice things about going to Max's house. More like a mansion. There were a lot of things to do at his house, and he had a sexy older brother named Alexander. Alexander is twenty-four years old and has pale skin with icy blue eyes and black hair. He was a bit taller than Max. Max was about 6'1, where Alexander was about 6'4. I on the other hand am 5'4. Max parks the car in one of their garages and we climb out, going inside. "Last one in the pool gets thrown" He smirks and I go to one of their downstairs bathrooms and get changed in a black bikini and I run to their backyard. Their backyard was huge. They had stables with horses, a big barn, paddocks, arenas for horse riding, as Max and Alexander show their horses, they have a tennis court, a huge garden in the back and the front yard, a big pool, places to tan with chairs, and a type of country club outside, and even then, there was still a ton of space. I jumped in the pool and smiled. The water was warm because the heater was turned on during colder days. Max came in swimming shorts and jumped in. "I should throw you in. It's just fair" I pout and he groans, shaking his head "Not when I got in myself" Max smirks and I huff, jumping onto his shoulders and dunking his head in the water. Max gets up and he scoffs, making me giggle and he splashes me. "Is Alex at university?" I ask him, knowing deep down I want to see him. "He is, though, he should be back soon," Max says and I nod, climbing out the pool. I climbed onto one of the tanning chairs and played down. "Cass?" He asks and I look at him. "Yes, Maxy baby boy?" I tease him and he playfully growls. "Mmm, not baby boy, more like daddy" He smirks and I shake my head "Sleepover this weekend?" He asks and I nod. It was Friday today, and every single weekend Jessica is with us. "I have to fetch clothes, take me home?" I pout and he nods, throwing a towel at me. Before we walked inside I saw the opportunity and I pushed him in the pool. Max scoffed and got out of the water, wanting to throw me in but I put my hands up in the air for defense. "I'm innocent" I giggle and he scoffs. "I'll get your ass back" He gives me an evil smile and I stick my tongue out at him. I borrowed one of Max's shirts and we drove to my house. Max climbed out with me and we went inside. Jessica was on top of Cameron on the couch making out with each other and I immediately got annoyed. "Uhm hello?" I say and cross my arms. Jessica immediately groaned and gave me a dirty look. Cameron got up and shrugged. "Sup guys" Cameron got a glass of water and I continued to glare at him. "Next time you can do that stuff in your bedroom and not on the couch where everybody needs to sit on. The least we need is Jessica's germs everywhere" I say and Max chuckles. Jessica gets up and charges towards me. "You know what Cassidy? I'm tired of always being bullied by you. You're always so rude to me" She says and I scoff. She's doing what she always does, playing the victim. "Okay, enough girls," Cameron says and I glare at him. "Me playing the victim? please, you're a fake b***h and I don't know what my brother sees in you" I walk upstairs "It's probably those fake t**s that he sees" I hear Max say to them and I can't help but smile. Max walks in the room and I close the door, hearing Jessica shout at my brother about the way that she "gets treated" in the house. If I had it my way, she'd be sleeping in the dog kennel, or even better, next to the dog kennel. "I really don't know what Cameron sees" I shake my head and pack my bag while Max sits on my bed. "Maybe he just likes the fact that he's not alone," He says and I pack my shampoo and conditioner in. "Cameron could do so much better than that bimbo," I say and pack my phone charger in. "He could," He says and I pack in some lace underwear making Max wiggle his eyebrow "Who's the lucky man?" He smirks and I shake my head, zipping my bag up. I pretty much came to terms with the fact that I'll probably be single for the rest of my life. Max takes my bag and we both walk downstairs. "Cam, tell mom I'll see her Tuesday evening and make sure that bimbo does not go in my room," I say and Max laughs, making Jessica huff and cross her arms. "I feel sorry for Max that he has to deal with you for so long," She says and Max wraps his arm around my waist that makes butterflies appear in my stomach. His touch felt electric on my skin. "Don't. I love spending time with her. If I could, I'd kidnap her and keep her forever" He says and I smile at him. "Whoa there buddy, no kidnapping is going to happen," Cameron says and Max smiles. "Uh-huh. I'll think about it. Anyway, it's time to go. Bye now" He says and winks and I smile at Cam. We climb back into the car and Max puts the bags into the backseat and drives off. I look out the window and see that dark grey clouds were forming in the sky and it started getting cold. "Bad weather tonight?" I asked Max and he nods. Bad weather scared me. "Thunder, lightning, and heavy rains," He says and I look at him and pout. "Awh sweetheart, we'll watch movies tonight and cuddle if that makes you feel better?" Max says and pinches my cheek, making me swat his hand away. "You ruined the whole "sweetheart" thing by doing that. Jerk" I cross my arms and he lifts my chin up gently with his free hand, making me look into his eyes. "You like being called sweetheart, huh?" He looks deeply into my eyes and I look away, feeling flustered. He chuckles and turns into his driveway. "You're so cute, Cass. Honestly" He says. His voice was deep and serious. I was blushing crazily and I couldn't wait for the car to stop. When the car finally came to a stop I climbed out and took my bags inside, Max following me. "Your parents in town?" I ask and he shakes his head as he locks the door behind him. "Nope. Just Alex, you, and I for the weekend" We go upstairs and put my things into the spare room that I always used. "Dinners on me" I take out my phone and order a few different types of pizzas with different toppings. "Movies downstairs. I'll get dressed and see you then" Max walks to his room and I close the door, undressing and getting an oversized shirt on with a pair of sweatpants and socks. I grabbed the biggest blanket and a pillow and walked downstairs. Their TV room was really big and the couches were super comfortable and the T.V was big. I put the blanket on the couch and put the pillow down, climbing under it. I took out my phone and sent a goodnight message to my mom. I put my phone down and Max walked into the room, putting his blankets on the couch across from mine. He put the T.V on and put on a Netflix horror movie. A few minutes after, Alexander walked in wearing sweatpants and his hair was wet and messy. "Cassidy, my favorite female" He smiles at me and I smile back at him. "My favorite female. Go get your own best friend Alex" Max scoffs and Alex shakes his head. "Nope. I'm good, plus, jealousy makes you nasty, asshole" Alex says and climbs in next to me. "I'll be sitting here tonight because it looks warm, plus Cass and I can cuddle too," He says and Max glares at Alex. I felt slightly nervous sitting next to Alex and being this close to him. We weren't necessarily close and only now and then could we have a good conversation or only now and then we'd spend time together. "Pizzas here" I broke the tension and got up when I heard the bell ring. I paid the guy and gave him a tip and took the pizza to the kitchen. Alex and Max walked in and we all ate in silence. After we were done eating I put the leftovers in the fridge and went back and sat down on the couch. I carried on watching the movie and Alex came and sat back down next to me. "Cassidy, could I ask you a serious question?" Alex asks and looks at me, seriousness all over his face. Max wasn't in the room and it made me slightly nervous and shy. "Sure, what's up?" I offer him a smile and he returns it. "Why are you friends with Max? you two are practically opposites" He says and I shrug, looking down at my fingers and fondling them. "We've been best friends for years. He tells me everything, I tell him everything. We have fun together, we have the same interests" I say and he nods. "Fair enough. Let's not forget that Max has countless one-night stands" He says and I shrug, waiting for him to continue. "What I'm trying to say in the nicest ways possible, is that Max doesn't do relationships and you shouldn't put your love life on hold just because Max isn't romantically available," He says and I shake my head. "My love life isn't 'on hold' it's the fact I have not met anybody, yet. And I'm fine with that" I say and he nods. "So you are available and not infatuated with my brother?" He says and I nod. "I'm available" I smile and he returns the smile. Max walks in and we all watch the movie in peace. Alex was sitting on one side of the couch, and I was sitting on the other side. I do kind of wish that we could cuddle but I knew it would just be awkward for everybody and Alex doesn't want me in that way. Maybe a long time ago I use to have a huge crush on Max that lasted for about four years, I never told him but it hurt to see him flirt, or pick up other girls in front of me. Or it hurt when he used to brag to me and tell me what he and the girl did. But the times changed and my crush on Max disappeared. I came to realize that Max is a heartbreaker and a fuckboy. I also realize that his brother, Alex is way out of my league and could do way better than me. A guy like him would never take interest in a girl like me, and that's okay. One day I'll meet my prince charming. Though, a little crush on Alexander wouldn't kill me... The movie finally ended and a animation got put on which I was happy for. No better type of movie than animation. I glanced at Alex who was looking at the T.V screen and noticed what a nice jawline he had. He and his brother could of both been Greek gods. I jumped slightly as a bolt of lightning hit the sky. "You alright?" Alex and Max both looked at me and I shook my head, pulling the blankets closer to myself. "Come here, sweetheart," Max said and opened his blankets, making me get up and walk to him. I climbed in next to him. He held his arms over me and gently touched my sides, making me blush. "May I hold you?" Max whispered into my ear and I nodded. Yes, Max and I both cuddled many times but he never actually held me. And I have never been held before. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body. I could feel his body heat radiating off onto mine. He could probably feel that I was scared of the weather and he began rubbing my hip with his thumb. The feel and the things he was making me feel were causing tingles down my spine. My shirt started riding up by my hip and I was going to pull my shirt down but he put his hand on my bare hip, making me shiver. He continued to rub my hip with his thumb and I tried to keep my breathing being normal. I started to breathe heavily and it didn't help to hear him breathe in my ear. After a few minutes, I started to feel calmer and I whimpered softly when I heard more thunder. "I got you, sweetheart" He whispered into my ear softly and I blushed. I felt warm and safe in his arms. It was a different feeling than normal and it was a different side of Max that I was seeing. I kind of enjoyed the feeling although I have never felt like this before. "Plans for tomorrow?" Alex asked and Max hums, sending chills down my spine. "Probably swim, game, and take the horses for a ride. What about you?" He asks Alex "I'm on break at the moment so I'm going to spend time with you and Cass," Alex says and Max groans softly in my ear and I start to blush again. "Fantastic" Max replies sarcastically, making me giggle and he scoffs. "Excuse me, why're you laughing?" He starts tickling my sides that makes me squirm around, but he keeps a tight grip on my waist. "Nu-uh, this is payback for pushing me in the pool earlier" He chuckles and starts tickling me, which makes me laugh. I try getting away but he pulls me even tighter to him. "Bad girls get punished sweetheart, that's how it works," He says softly and I shake my head. "Mmm but I'm a good girl," I say softly and he nods. "Yes, yes you are a good girl" He smiles and kisses my cheek. I yawn and stretch, cuddling the blankets closer to my face. "Go sleep, princess" Max whispers softly into my ear and I shake my head, brushing off the fact that he called me princess. I yawned again and closed my eyes, soon falling fast asleep.

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