Mr. Black

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"Come in here Sally." Mr. Black intercoms me through the phone.  I am Mr. Blacks secretary, and I am the longest one he has had. No one else has been able to handle his "ways". He is a very intense man who likes things to be done certain ways and it is either you pick up on them or you are out. He has been through about 15 secretary's before he found me. I have been here for about a year and I must say that my whole life revolves around my work. Now I cannot complain too much.  Mr. Black is a very handsome man to look at during the day. He always wears 3-piece suits to work that just fit his body nicely. His neck tattoos poke from the collar of his button-ups, and I would pay money to see that man without a shirt on. His ears are stretched from his teenage years, but he hasn't done anything to close them. If you saw him, you would not think that this man ownsuns a billion dollar company. Now back to the task at hand... I grab my iPad and quickly make my way to his office. Once I enter, I just walk in quietly as I take the seat in front of his desk.  "Yes, sir." I tell him while I am ready with my iPad to take down anything that he tells me.  "Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I am sending everyone home early today because I have a ball to attend to tonight." I look up at him in shock at what he just said. He NEVER lets anyone go home early or anything. He sees my reaction and chuckles. "I know, I know. If I didn't let everyone go home then they wouldn't prepare for tonight, well the ones that were on the list."  I just nod knowing that the ones on the list are the higher up guys in the company that work along side Mr. Black. He then shoos me away with the flick of his wrist and I just get up and walk back to my desk. I quickly pack everything up and make my way home because I do not want to be around if he ends up changing his mind. I quickly make my way home since I do not live far from the office. I moved closer once I got the job so I could always be on time.  Once I enter my condo, I kick my shoes off then pet my cat. I find him while I start to make something for myself to eat. I then pour myself a glass of wine. I quickly eat my little meal once it is ready and then I take my glass and head to my bathroom. I go over to my big tub and start the warm water. I moan once my finger tips touch the warmth and I plug the tub so the water won't get out. I then strip myself down after I put some of my bath soaps in the water. Once I am naked, I make sure to grab my phone, bathroom remote, and my wine. I then let my body sink in the warm water and I moan out once my body starts to relax in the water. I then grab my remote and turn on my t.v., that is in the bathroom. I then put on my favorite show while I sip my wine.  After finishing my glass, I start to feel horny. The warm water mixed with the wine is making me feel good. I close my eyes and then drag my hand from my neck to my breast. I squeeze my breast and moan. I then picture Mr. Black touching me which makes my pu**y clench. I picture him running his hands over my breasts as he teases my ni**les between his fingers. He would then drag his hand down until he reached my clit.  "Ahh.." I moaned out once I started to rub my clit.  I then shoved a finger in my wet pu**y and I started to finger-f**k myself as I rubbed my clit. I was getting close to my downfall when my doorbell went off. I jumped back into reality, and I took my hands away from my pu**y. I then got out of the bath and wrapped my body up with one of my towels. I was kind of mad at how someone just caused me to not org**m that I did not think about how I looked right now. I marched all the way to my front and flung it open.  "WHAT?!" I yelled at the mystery person who rung my doorbell only to come face to face with my boss. "Oh my god, I am so sorry Mr. Black." I apologized once I saw that it was him and not some stranger.  I then looked at him to see him eyeing my body up and down until his eyes grazed back up till he met my eyes. He then took a step forward which made me take one back. He did this until he was in my apartment and my door was closed. He then rested his back on my door while staring at me.  "Is there something you needed?" I ask my boss who cannot keep his eyes off of me. He tilt's his head up until his eyes met him.  I inhale sharply once I met his gaze because his eyes are telling me what he really wants to do to my right now. There is so much lust behind his gaze that I feel my juices start to run down my leg. Thankfully he would not be able to see since it is mixing with the bath water that is running down my body.  "I came over here to see if you would be my date to this ball since I could not find someone.." As he spoke each word he took a step closer to me. "But now that I see you standing here in nothing but a towel.." He stops right in front of me and leans down. "I would rather f**k you instead of going to that ball."  I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn't he slammed his lips against mine. I moaned against his lips while he snaked his arms around my waist. I then wrapped my arms around his neck then I took my right hand and gripped the back of his neck while my other hand gripped a handful of his hair. I pulled his hair which caused him to groan against my lips. He then pulled away and smirked at me.  "So, you like it rough?" I nodded at him and went to kiss him again, but he pulled his head back. He then ripped my towel off and spanked my ass. "I expect an answer when I ask you a question. Do you like it rough?" He asked me again.  "Yes, Mr. Black. I like it rough." I moaned out to him.  His eyes went dark with lust and he pulled me to him. He slammed his lips onto mine again as he snaked his arms back around my waist. He then ran them over my butt and squeezed my mounds. I moaned into the kiss as he kept moving his hands down. He then lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He then walked me to my bedroom. He pulled away from the kiss and leaned over to my ear.  "Do you know how long I have wanted to bend you over my desk and f**k you so hard that you wouldn't be able to walk right the rest of the day? You make my d**k hard every day and now you need to do something about it."  I pulled back until I could look into his eyes. "Yes, sir."  He moaned and then threw me on my bed. He started to take off his clothes and I decided to take this time to tease him. I ran my hand along my body until I reached my clit. I started to rub it with my legs wide open, to where he could see everything. I then leaned my head back "Mr. Black." I moaned out with my head thrown back.  I then felt the bed dip as he crawled over my body and he attacked my lips. He grabbed both of my wrists and held them above my head. He then shoved his tongue in my mouth while he dominated me. He was rolling his tongue with mine as he explored my mouth. He then pulled back and started trailing kisses along my jaw. He then went to the right side of my neck and started placing open mouth kisses along my neck. He kept going down my body until he was in-between my legs. He hooked him arms underneath my knees and pinned my hips to the bed.  He then dived into my pu**y. He was licking, sucking, and lightly biting my clit which was making me go crazy. He would suck my clit then run his tongue down then he would tongue-f**k my pu**y while he rubbed it back up to my clit. I was slowly losing my mind until he started to go faster.  "F**K MR. BLACK!!!!! I AM C*MMING!" I moaned/screamed out as I felt my juices flow out of me and they covered his face, but he just continued to eat me out.  By the time he was done eating me out, I had about 2 more org**ms. My legs were shaking as my breathing was heavy. I tried to pull away, but he kept my hips pinned to the bed. He finally stopped and then he roughly turned me over to my stomach. He then slapped my a** and pulled my hips up. I didn't have time to register what was happening until I felt him slam into me. I called out as he gripped a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. He then started to f**k me balls deep. All you could hear in the room was his balls slapping me as he slammed into me.  "Please, please c*m." I begged of him.  He leaned back to where his legs were folded against the bed and he pulled me on top of him. He then wrapped a hand around my throat as he lightly squeezed. While his other hand, was guiding my hips to rock back and forth on his c**k. He pulled my back by the hand on my throat and licked the outer shell of my ear.  "You will take whatever I give you. Now, be a good girl and ride me." He moaned in my ear.  I then bent my knees to where I could balance my feet on the bed. I started to use that to bounce up and down on his c**k. I was taking him even deeper with this move. He then brought a hand to my clit and started to rub me.  "Squirt all over the bed and me. C*m one more time for me, Sally." He groaned into my ear.  Once he spoke those words my body obeyed. I then stilled and I squirted all over him and the bed as he released his thick warm c*m in me. My body was shaking as my toes curled from the org**m that I just had. I fell face first on the bed and Mr. Black laid down beside me.  Once we caught our breaths, we headed into the shower to get cleaned up then I changed my sheets. Mr. Black ended up staying the end and we headed to work the next day.  ----------- It was hard to act around Mr. Black, I mean it is as if he didn't just give me the best f**k of my life last night. I was trying hard to concentrate on my work and I could tell that he could see that I wasn't putting 100% in my work. I was about to take my lunch break when Mr. Black called me into his office.  "Lock the door, Sally." He told me as soon as I entered his office. Once I locked the door, he beckoned me over to him with his finger.  I walked over to him and I was about to sit down in front of his desk, but he snapped his fingers at me. I looked at him and he rolled his chair back and patted his lap. I walked over to him and right before I could sit in his lap he pulled me down to where I laid over his lap. I gasped, but before I could recover he spanked me.  "You have been slacking on your duties today..." He trailed off as he spanked me again. "Now, I need to punish you for not being a good girl." He hummed as he spanked me with every word he spoke.  He then spanked me another 5 times and he started to rub my butt. I moaned once I felt him rub me. He then dived his hand under my skirt and he touched me through my underwear. He tsked at me.  "Bad girl, punishments aren't meant to make you wet."  "Please.." I begged of him to give me something.  He then pulled my underwear to the side as he shoved a finger into my soaking wet pu**y. I moaned out as he shoved another finger in me. He then started to finger-f**k me. I didn't last long as I c*mmed all over his hand.  He pulled his hand out of my underwear and sat me back on my knees. I then watched as he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean from my juices. I then stood up and took off my underwear as I shoved my skirt past my hips. I then hoped up on his desk and opened up my legs for him. He smiled evilly at me and then stood up. He quickly pulled his c**k out of his pants and slammed into me. I called out but not for long before he covered my mouth with his hand. He then rammed into me fast and hard until we both reached our ends.  We then cleaned up as he offered to take me to lunch.... Now 4 years we are married with a baby on the way. 
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