Finding a better man

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"Are you serious right now? You are going to deny the fact that you are cheating on me???" I yell at my now ex-boyfriend.  "Come on baby, it meant nothing." He tried to coo at me while walking towards me.  I raised my right hand and slapped him hard. "Get. Out." I gritted through my teeth.  "You know what, she has a better pu**y anyways. Have a nice life, Emma."  He yelled at me and then walked out of my apartment but not before he slammed my front door shut. I sighed to myself once he left because I may have loved him at one point, but things changed. The s*x wasn't good as it used to be and then he just started acting as if I didn't matter. I just let it slide because I was going to break up with him sooner or later, but things happened faster then normal.  I stripped out of my sweats and put on some sexy clothes. I put on some flare black pants and a low-cut tank top with some high-heels to go along with the look. I then headed to the bathroom to put on some makeup and my perfume with some deodorant. I then put on my flashy earrings along with some necklaces and a watch. I had already took a shower before that d-bag showed up, so I knew I didn't need to take another one. I then picked up my phone along with a small clutch bag that had my I.D. in it along with some cash. I then called my best fiend while I grabbed my keys. Once she answered, I told her to meet me at the club. I needed to go dancing. Of course, she agreed and she would probably beat me there.  I arrived at the club a few minutes later and like clock work their is my best friend. She saw me and screamed while she attacked me with a bear-hug. I laughed. She has always been this way and she was already ready by her phone because she knew I was breaking up with that d-bag. We enter the club and I get sucked into the atmosphere of the place. I then grab my friends hand and dragged us over to the bar. We ordered about 8 shots along with a mixed drink. I then downed my 4 shots and my drink. I just wanted one night forget. We both then headed over to the dance floor. She had a guy grab her so he decided to dance with him while I smiled at her. She needed a good f**k.  I then got lost in my own world as I started to move my hips along with the music. I would drag my hands along my body while my hips swayed. I would sometimes drop it low to bring it back up. I was a very good dancer when it came to dancing like a s**t, but I wouldn't change myself. As I am dancing, I feel someone come up behind me. He grips my hips and pulls me flush against his chest. My back slams into his rock hard chest and I moan out from the action. I love it when I am handled rough. He leans into my ear "Dance with me." He husks out and I find myself nodding.  I hook one of my arms around the back of his neck as I start to move my hips again. He kept his hands at my hips for a bit, but as we continued to dance... One hand found their way around my neck while the other hooked around my waist. I moaned out from the contact. He then leaned down until he was by my ear and he licked along the outer shell before he lightly bit the top of my ear. I leaned my head back as I moaned loud enough for him to hear me.  "Come on."  I didn't have time to respond before he was pulling me off of the dance floor, but I followed anyways. We went up some stairs where the V.I.P. sections are, but then I notice that we are going towards an office. He drags me into the office and slams my back against the door. He traps me against the door with his hands by my head. I look up at him.. "Why are we in the owners office?" I knew it was a stupid question to ask, but I needed to hear it.  He chuckled before he gripped my chin with his thumb and pointer finger. He tipped my head up so I was looking right into his eyes. "I am the owner. And I couldn't help but notice your sexy self dancing down there... swaying your hips to the music while you rubbed along your body as if you were begging someone to touch you. Once I gripped your throat I knew that I needed to have you. You like it rough and I only do rough." With each word he spoke the closer he got. It wasn't until he was done talking that his lips were resting right on mine with only a tiny space between our lips. I slammed my lips on his and he smirked into the kiss. He let go of my chin to grab my throat while I wrapped both of my hands around his neck. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and started to roll it along with mine. I moaned into his mouth, but then he pulled away for a second. He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and the bit it softly. He then trailed kisses along my jawline while lightly nipping my skin. He then took both of his hands and lifted me up till I wrapped my legs around his waist and used my hands around his neck to hold me up.  He started to grind his erection against my pu**y which caused me to throw my head back and moan. He then attacked my lips again as he grinding into me. After a few minutes, He started to walk away from the door until he reached his desk. He set my down on the ground and I took this time to pull his shirt off of his body. I moaned at what I saw. A chiseled chest with tattoos covering his chest going to his stomach. I then headed for his belt buckle and undid his pants. He backed away and stepped out his shoes along with his boxers and pants. My mouth watered once I saw his c**k. It was about 8 inches and it was thick too. He started to stroke himself and I moaned.  "Do you want my c**k baby?" He moaned out at me.  "Yes, I do." He smirked at my response.  "Beg for it." My pu**y throbbed once he said that.  "Please let me suck your c**k." I begged of him.  "Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk... You can do better then that."  "Please let suck your c**k daddy." Once I said that one word his eyes darkened. "Please daddy." I begged again with that word.  "Knees now." He commanded me.  I dropped to my knees and he walked over to me. I opened my mouth for him and gripped my hair in my hands. I then took one of my hands and wrapped it around his c**k. As I stroked him down at the base of his c**k I sucked the top part. I swirled my tongue around the head as I pulled him in and out of my mouth. I also started to move my hand faster while I brought my other hand up to play with his balls. I sucked hard on the tip of his c**k and jerked in my mouth. I was going to make him c*m until he pulled me off of c**k.  He gripped my shoulders and pulled me up roughly, he tore off my shirt and attacked my mouth. I didn't put on a bra so his hand went up to my breast. He gripped it in his hand and started to roll my ni**le along his fingers. He then pushed away from me and I went to protest but he took off my pants along with my thong. I was in nothing but my heels. He turned me around and spanked my a**. He bend me over his desk and I could feel my juices start to slide my down leg. He wrapped a hand around me and started to play with my clit.  "Do you want it?" He asked me.  "Yes, please daddy." I begged of him.  "How do you want it?"  "Hard and fast, daddy." I moaned out.  He moaned at my words and then he pulled his hand away from my clit and gripped my hands. He pulled them back and locked them behind my back to where they were resting just above my butt. He then slammed into me to only pull back and thrust into me harder. I called out, but he didn't let up. He gave it to me fast, hard and rough. He was going balls deep in my pu**y and then I felt it. Before I could tell him he gripped my hair and pulled my head back.  "C*m for me." He groaned out.  Just hearing those words and my body complied. I screamed out and felt my juices run down my legs from the intense org**m he just gave me. He pulled out and c*mmed up my back. I laid my upper body on his desk while he grabbed something to clean me up with. Once he cleaned up my back, He turned me around only to push my back on the desk again.  I went to ask him why, but he dropped to his knees and threw my legs over his shoulders and went to town. I fell back while he kept a hard grip on my shoulders. He started to suck my clit and then apply pressure as he flattened his tongue. I was a moaning mess but then he shoved two fingers in my soaking c**t. He coated his fingers with my juices and then pulled them out only to shove them in my a**hole. I called out, but he then shoved his tongue in my pu**y making me call out. He brought his other hand to rub my clit while he tongue f**ked my pu**y and his two fingers f**ked my a**.  "F**k daddy.... I am going to..." I couldn't finish as my legs started to shake and my back arched and I shot my c*m all over his face and desk. He didn't let up until he made me c*m another time. He then pulled up and I slumped on his desk as he placed his hands on either side of my head.  "You taste amazing, baby."  Before I could speak again, He shoved into me again. I called out but he held my in place as he gave it to me again hard and fast. He wrapped a hand around my throat and I ended up squirting all over him and the desk as he pulled out and c*mmed all over my stomach. He cleaned me up and then helped me put my clothes back on. He put his back on and he said that he will take me home.  We headed out of the club and I made sure to text my best friend to tell her that I was safe and I just had the best f**k of my life. He then drove me home since I couldn't walk very well. He then helped me walk to my apartment and I gave him my number while he gave me his. He then kissed me goodnight. I headed to my shower and washed my body off as I pulled on some sweats and passed out.  ------- RING RING RING RING  "Hello?" I answered groggily.  "Did I really do a number on you last night?"  I shot up and realized that it was the man from last night... he actually called me...   
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