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We grew up with a normal life; our Mothers were the best of friends, never leaving each other’s side. As fate would have it, myself and Hunter were born on the same day at the exact same time; 13 February 12:04am. We went to every school together, had sleep overs, shared everything (except clothes), made memories and grew close. Through all our years together we were inseparable, that was until we found out that we were werewolves. Hunter was the next Alpha in line once he was of age and found his mate. Hunter’s father was the current Alpha of the pack, and my father was the Beta. Shortly after our 15th Birthday we were told that Hunter would have to leave for a Training camp for future alphas. We were the strongest pack of the north and it was a huge responsibility for a teen to take on. We hugged and said our goodbyes and made a promise we thought we would never break – To talk every day no matter what and always share our deepest secrets with one another. Soon after Hunter left I had to move on with my life, I had to go to school alone, Eat lunch alone and make new friends that I hoped would fill the loss of Hunter from my life, no one came close. My favourite part of the day was home time. I ran as fast as I could so that I would be able to face time Hunter before his second part of training began for our daily catch up. It had only been a week but today something felt different, I had a pain I couldn’t shake off, my wolf was whimpering in the back of my head and I didn’t understand why. The laptop rang for what seemed like forever, He finally answered and there he was, My best friend filling the screen with the widest smile of straight, pearly whites I have ever seen. God I loved his smile. His hair was a dark brown, almost black and swept to the side where it had started to grow out. His eyes were a glistening green which made him even more desirable to look at. “How was school? Did you make new friends? Have I been replaced? Do you miss me yet…?” he said in such a speed my head felt like it was going to explode. I laughed shyly and chocked to get words out “…I-….I” I couldn’t help but not reply as I put my head in my hands and sobbed. My mother quickly ran into the room and gave me a quick glance then looked at the laptop and sighed. She sat next to me and said to Hunter “I think you two need to give each other time to process everything that is going on, you’re going to be gone for 3 years Hunter and speaking everyday will only hurt more. How about you make this a weekly arrangement instead?” I see Hunter nod in agreement through my fingers he then said his goodbyes once more making me sob even harder before the laptop quickly shut down. ‘What was I going to do without him?’ I thought while staring at myself in the mirror. My long brown hair all messy from hugging my mother and my blue eyes now red and swollen from the sobs that I was still struggling to hold back. Once a week soon turned into once a Month and before I knew it we never spoke for the whole second and third year of his training; we grew apart and everything felt different. 
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