Chapter One

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I was stood looking into my locker in the hallway at school thinking about my 18th birthday party which was being held tomorrow at the pack house when I was dragged from my thoughts by a soft voice next to me “Erm…. Hi you’re Eleanor, right?” I turned to see a guy around my height with deep brown eyes and copper hair, Not long but enough to put your hands in and tug. He was stood next to a girl who had long bouncy waves in her blonde hair and emerald eyes, she was beautiful as she stood there silently looking right at me. They both smiled softly as I looked stunned to see them talking to me. I hadn’t spoke to anyone properly since Hunter had left. “Hi, yeah I’m Eleanor, but people call me Ellie” I replied with a smile. “Well Hi Ellie, I’m Cameron and this is Elizabeth…. But people call her Beth” He said with wide eyes and a warming smile. Beth grinned and gently slapped Cameron on the arm which made me giggle. “Erm I can introduce myself thanks” said Beth as she stood there holding her hand out to me. I took it and started to shake her hand responding “It’s nice too-…” I never got to finish my sentence before I was pulled into a big hug, which I’m not going to lie, made me feel a little uncomfortable. As time went on Cameron, Beth and I  realised we had a lot more in common than we thought, we laughed all the way through lunch and got to know each other better and before I knew it I was inviting them to my party. Not sure if anyone else would attend, I informed them it would only be a small one. Beth’s eyes immediately shot to mine with a shocked expression on her face. “A small one? Isn’t it going to be a huge welcoming for Alpha Hunter’s return? I heard he has found his mate and completed training early.” My heart sunk and I didn’t know how to respond. He’s found his mate? My best friend has finally found his mate and I didn’t even know? Wait… we are only 17? How could he have found her before turning 18? “I don’t think he’s found his mate Beth…. But you right I’m sure he’s meant to be returning tomorrow…” Cameron said quickly after noticing my discomfort. “I haven’t heard anything but if he is returning I’m sure it will be a fantastic celebration” I said with the only fake smile I could plaster on my face at the thought of my old best friend returning. I filled them in on mine and Hunters past and told them how we don’t talk anymore. With that they both looked at each other in shock and didn’t get chance to respond as the bell rang for next period. I quickly got up and made my way to class. The rest of the day went by in a haze, all I could think about was Hunter and his mate… Would I find mine? Will we be friends again? Has he changed? At the end of the school day I sulkily walked to the pack house where I was greeted at the front door by my mother and father who were stood next to Alpha Rob and Luna Rose – Hunter’s parents. I gave them a warm smile but couldn’t hold back the confused look on my face as I seen them all waiting for me to return. As I walked closer to the Pack house I started walking up the steps to the front door before my mother quickly pulled me to her side gave me a big kiss on my forehead and put her arm over my shoulder giving me a reassuring tug before stroking my arm. Before I could say anything a black range rover with tinted windows pulled up at the bottom of the steps. Two of our packs strongest warriors climbed out of the front seats dressed in black suits, a little too professional if you ask me, which only made me more suspicious. Who was in the car? As they walked to the back of the car and opened the door I looked closely before my face completely drained of colour. It was Hunter. He climbed out of the car smiling at us before quickly turning around and holding his hand out to someone else, I seen a skinny, feminine hand with ruby red nail extensions grab hold of his. ‘s**t!’ my wolf screamed. I felt faint but managed to keep my strength as I continued to watch while a tall model like girl stood up out of the car fixing her perfectly ironed Navy blue dress which clung to her every curve. She had jet black hair which was straight and fell just over her shoulders, wearing designer sunglasses none of us could make out her face properly, but one thing I knew was certain. She was stunning. They stepped closer to the house everyone was looking and smiling welcoming the couple back to pack land before finally, Hunter’s eyes locked onto mine. His smile quickly faded and his eyes were lost with sadness, ‘He missed us?’ my wolf questioned. Not looking anywhere but his eyes, I wanted to run to him but I stood there frozen. “Ellie I’d like for you to meet my mate and your future Luna.” Hunter said while holding her close to his hip. “Her name is Heather.” My world stopped for a second. All eyes fell on me as I tried to speak but nothing came out. Everything went black and before I knew it I fell to the ground with a thud.   
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