Chapter 3

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Taffy storms into her father's office and over to his desk. "Father you have to come up with something I don't care what it is. I want Nicholas Forrester as my mate." She hits his desk "Sweetie what else can I do? Hell, I have been coming up with excuses for years for you two to end up in the same damn place. But it seems that the young man isn't interested in you." Her father yells looking at his mate walking into his office "He has found his mate. The only reason he hasn't marked her is that she's only seventeen. You have five months" Taffy yells, looking at her mother. "Don't worry honey, your father will make sure that handsome Alpha is yours." Penelope walks behind the desk his cheek. "Right dear? I agree with our daughter the future Alpha Nicholas Forrester is the best man for her. Also for our pack. Can't you see it if we joined packs with them?" Morlock closes his eyes "The young man has found his mate. The Moon Goddess designed that young lady for him. I still don't have a clue as to what you two expect me to make happen. I must say that I have always hoped that our pack and Goldtooth would be joined. But we'll have to settle at being allies" Penelope walks over to Taffy and lays her arm around her shoulder. "Don't worry sweetie I'll make sure that you'll get the Alpha." The two women walk out of the office. He lays his head in his hand, rubbing his head. "Think Morlock, think, damn it. Because if I don't pull this s**t off those two won't ever give me a moment of rest. Taffy calls Kirby her best friend and a member of Nicholas's pack. She wanted to know if she has heard anything but mostly was she able to find out where Nicholas is taking Winter. When Kirby tells her that she doesn't have anything news. Taffy starts throwing things around her bedroom. Her mother walks into the room and looks at her waiting till she was done throwing her fit. "Now Taffy do you feel better now?" " Mother" she whines "I want Nicholas you have to do something," I mean like really drastic and fast. We can't take any chances that he'll mate with that basic b***h and she's not all that." Taffy shakes her head with her nose turned up. Penelope takes her daughter's face "Oh no darling, don't worry mother will make your father do something. All you have to do is keep putting yourself with him. My dear keep your head. We'll be the number one pack around." They're both smiling **** Nicholas arrives at Winter's apartments at 6:05 taking the elevator to her floor. He can't seem to be able to stop smiling "finally a mate," Just as the elevator door opens His wolf is coming out. He's anxious about spending time with their mate. Nicholas steps off the elevator "Wilder we have to take it slow. She doesn't know that we're hers yet buddy," Wilder is huffing louder in Nicholas's head Nicholas is walking toward the apartment. "okay stop. Do you want her not to want us," "No, make sure that you treat her like a lady. " Wilder huff one more time before going into his space. Finally some relief, Nicholas takes a deep breath and looks at the bouquet of long-stem red roses. He rings Winter's doorbell. When she opens the door he's looking at her with a slight smile and lustful eyes. "You look amazing" She's standing at the door looking at him smiling. Nicholas is wearing a pair of black slacks with a short-sleeve black shirt and a black pair of Cole Hann loafers. "Good looking and on time. I like that" Nicholas takes her hand and kisses the back of it. He has a slight smile, looking at her. She's dressed in this sleek bandage color-blocked knee-length off-the-shoulder dress. "Thank you" She smiles as she accepts the roses. Parker takes the flowers from her. "I'll put them in a vase for you" She looks at him before she walks away. Nicholas is still looking at Winter. Wilder, Nicholas wolf is trying to surface. He wants Nicholas to mark Winter right now. Now he and Wilder are arguing in his head. Because Wilder doesn't want to accept the fact that Winter isn't old enough to mark yet. Nicholas blocks him. But he hasn't been able to take his eyes off of her. Winter sees the look in his eyes. She's thinking of a way to bring him out of his thoughts. "Is this dress not suitable for the restaurant?" She's looking down at her dress. He shakes his head "No it's perfect." He takes her hand and twirls her around. "Shall we go?" Nicholas tries to inhale her scent without her noticing it. Not only did she notice it, but so did Harper and Parker. Both ladies look at each other then back at Winter and Nicholas as he wraps his arm around hers. As soon as the door closes Parker looks at Harper again. "Do you think we should follow them?" Parker shakes her head. "It's just a date. Besides Winter is a better fighter than you and I put together. She and Rieka can take care of themselves against one lusting Alpha and his wolf." "You're right about that" Harper laughs. **** On the way to the restaurant, neither one talked much as they listen to contemporary jazz for a few then Nicholas changes the channel on SiriusXM to the groove channel. When they arrive at Capital Grille he opens the door for her and takes her hand into his. They're shown to the private area. Nicholas pulls her chair out. Winter smiles as she sits down "Winter is a beautiful name. Shall we get to know each other?" He sits down looking at her thinking, "I'm one lucky ass bastard" The waiter brings him out of his thoughts when he asks if he can take their order. Nicholas looks up at the young man. He sees him winking at Winter. Nicholas growls and clenches both fists. The waiter's eyes get big and he jumps back looking at him. "I apologize Alpha." He bows his head several times while backing further away from one angry man. "Well now I have my own knight," She's looking at him with her a little tilted to the right with a smile. Nicholas takes her hand into his, he over kisses the back of it. Another waiter comes over to take their order. This time the waiter only look at Nicholas. Nicholas orders a Cold Shellfish platter for their appetizer. It seems that they have the same taste buds since they ordered the same dishes. That is Lobster Bisques, Aged NY Strip Au Poivre with Courvoisier Cream, Lobster Mac N' Cheese, Roasted Mushrooms, and Cheesecake with fresh berries. Both drunk mineral water. During dinner, he held her hand and rubbed it as much as possible while laughing and having light conversations Winter is being careful of everything that she says. So she doesn't make the mistake to say anything that may give her identity away. A couple of hours later she looks at her watch "Oh my the time flew by. It's after ten. We have been here for hours it doesn't seem like we have been here that long. That's the way it goes when you're having a wonderful time" "I hope this is one of many dates, Cuddle Bug" Nicholas looks at her when he says that hoping to get a good reaction from her Winter, softly giggles "Yes I'm sure it will be, handsome. I have an early class in the morning" She looks at him after pulling herself together. He takes her hand as he walks over to her to help her up "well, Cuddle Bug, we best be getting you home." He kisses her forehead. So far he's been a perfect gentleman" She's thinking Nicholas is loving how the evening is going. "The food was great. My mate is out of this world. Damn, I can't wait to make her mine. Even though she didn't go into personal detail about anything personal. I'm okay with that for now. I'm sure we'll get there soon." He's thinking as they are walking to his car.
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