Chapter 2

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"Nicholas Forrester," He extends his hand to her. Winter smiles and lays her hand on his. "Winter. It's nice to meet you, Nicholas" He's staring at her, Nicholas is caught up in her captivating smile. He's caressing her hand. She's looking at their hands. "May I have my hand back?" "Oh yes, I'm sorry. Winter, is there a last name that goes with that?" Nicholas finally releases her hand She shakes her head. "No, Just Winter" He rubs his head, looking at her. "I know this is short notice. But I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tonight?" "Well, Nicholas Forrester it seems that you have a date." She's writing her address on a sheet of paper." Winter hand him the paper. He's reading the paper. " How does The Capital Grille sound? I'll pick you up at 6:15" He takes her hand. "Sounds perfect. See you then" She's looking at him kissing the back of her hand. She and the two young ladies walk away. "So far so good" Hayden pats Nicholas's back. "Yea," Nicholas nods his head smiling and looking at her. Blake and Shonda walk beside him. "Alpha it seems that you have made a good impression on our future Luna." Nicholas is still looking at Winter. "So it seems. Damn, I wished she knew that I'm her mate. I sure as hell hope her birthday is close. I'm ready to make her mine." Shonda is looking over at Taffy. Who is not a happy camper, right now. She's the daughter of Alpha Morlock and Luna Penelope Tuttle of the Dark Edge pack. She has a ten-year-old sister named Muffy. Taffy has been in love with Nicholas since they were kids. But he has never shown her any interest. He calls her every once in a while to hang out. But only after being forced by his father to do. Then they're never alone. He always makes sure to keep his distance. Taffy has been known to be a little free with herself. She and Shonda are friends. But somehow Shonda thinks that they're best friends. Taffy only sees Shonda as a way to get close to Nicholas. Taffy is about to walk over to Nicholas. He walks in the opposite direction when he sees her coming his way. She motions for Shonda to come over to her. Blake shakes his head. "Stay out of this. If you don't it will only cause you major trouble down the road," Shonda kisses his cheek. "I'm only going to see what she wants, sweetie, nothing more." She walks away. Hayden takes a deep breath "Your mate is my sister. But she is one dumb ass duck." He walks behind Nicholas. Blake is staring at his mat, thinking. "If the Moon Goddess hadn't designed her for me I wouldn't have anything to do with her ass. I disliked her when we were going up. Till this day I wonder why her." As soon as Shonda reaches Taffy she already demanding information. So Shonda tells her everything that she heard Blake and Hayden say. She waits until last to tell her that Nicholas is taking Winter on a date tonight. She doesn't know where because it was already planned before she walked over there. Taffy let out a loud scream and stormed off talking to herself. "I have to come up with a way to stop him from mating with that bitch." **** When Nicholas arrives home, he's whistling and seems to be happy. Sabrina his mother is happy to see him in this mood. Alpha Irving walks into the room. "Well, son what has you and Wilder in such a good mood?" Nicholas drops down on the sofa. "I've finally found my beautiful mate. Father I was beginning to believe that I wouldn't ever find her. Yea I know that I'm only Twenty-two but I had my doubts. She is not only beautiful but smart and has confidence in herself. I love that about her, confidence " He smiles "Enlighten us, tell us about her. What did you say her name is?" His father cuts his eyes at his mate. She's smiling and looking at their son. "I haven't said her name." He looks at his father weirdly " But her name is Winter. So far all I know about her is that her major is in communications. She and I have a date tonight. So hopefully I'll learn more about her." He's walking out of the room. "What pack is she from? Winter ?" Irving yells looking at him. Nicholas turns to look at his father. "Just Winter. I said that I'll learn more about her tonight." He walks out of the room. Irving jumps up, pacing back in forth in front of her. "All we know this Winter could be a member of one of our rival packs. Hell, we can't have that. We have to be the best pack." Sabrina looks at her mate concerned. Nicholas is meeting with Blake and Hayden. Even when he walked away from Taffy he saw her and Shonda talking as he was getting in his black 2021 BMW M850i X Drive car. So he wants to know what was those two heads together for. Blake informs him that Taffy is interested in him and Winter. He has to admit that she's pulling Shonda into whatever she has planned. Nicholas hits his desk and turns around looking at Blake and Hayden. "If your mate and your sister do anything to interfere with Winter and me I'll rip her damn head off. Taffy has always been a pain in my damn side. If her ass wasn't Alpha Morlock's daughter and my father didn't always push her off on me I wouldn't have any dealing with her. Hell, I still haven't figured out why my father seems to compliment her sleazy ass all the time. If only he knew the real side of her." He looks at his watch. "I need to shower and change clothes before I go pick Winter up. Nicholas walks out of the room. "s**t, he doesn't play around. I've warned her about it. Maybe you should give it a go" Blake looks at Hayden. "Man, that's like talking to a brick wall. Shonda has her head so far up Taffy's ass. It's been like that since grade school. She has always wanted to fit into that damn group of snobbish wannabes. But I'll try, even though I know that' wasting my breath." Hayden rubs his head and takes a deep breath. "Why do I have a feeling that I'll be looking for my second chance mate soon?" Blake mumbles
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