Entering The DEADLY DOOMES Forest

1066 Words
“Amazing!!! Simply amazing! Who is this kid??”, the man from earlier was going crazy after looking at all the things Shiro had done. “I’m waiting for you... come quick!!!” The man was too excited to meet Shiro because he was expecting to get out of the forest with his help. But at the same time he was sad because even if he were to get out of the forest, he didn’t have much time left. His life span was almost over so it was basically futile to think about going out. So his real aim was to at least pass the knowledge and heritage to Shiro who would further pass it down to next generation. By this he thought that he would be remembered at the least because he didn’t want to be forgotten and become just some history! “I hope... you will at least be better than those greedy bastards who trapped me here...” AT THE SAME TIME... “Okay, I guess I should head out and discover even more regions of this area...”, after thinking this Shiro immediately lived out towards the deeper parts of the Lost Civilization where he found many things. There were many artifacts that were kept here which were quite different from normal ones. They had some special magic power imbued on them. Shiro picked each on of them and kept on tossing them inside the vast storage that his system had. Soon 3 hours passed by and he was tired after working for so long in just picking the artifacts, testing them, and then looking at other descriptions about them. Not only that, he also worked hard in de-coding the ancient languages that was written on the walls. “Okay, now let’s move on to the next forest as I had initially decided.”, immediately after saying this he started walking towards the Forest of deadly DOOMES which was just ahead of him. He could clearly see the entrance of the forest but wasn’t much shocked since he had anticipated for it to be scary. It was quite dark from the outside and had many trees which had no leaves. Instead they were covered with thorns. It indeed seemed like one of the deadliest forest just from its view which was so unlike the dark fire forest. “Ok, I’m going to enter this...”, immediately after saying this, he put his right leg just beyond the line that was marking the entrance of the forest. As soon as his foot touched the ground, it felt as if he was sucked in. “Ughhh...” ‘BAM’ He fell on the ground the moment he entered the forest. “What was that? I entered the first but how did I end up coming down from the sky?” It was indeed weird but this much was to be expected with the 6th most deadliest forest of the entire DRAGOLAND. He didn’t mind it much and started to walk further when suddenly he encountered a tiger-like looking beast which had two teeth protruding out from its mouth which resembled an elephant’s tusk. “Grrrrr...” It was staring at Shiro for a while as if it was determining his strength then almost instantly it jumped forward towards Shiro in order to attack him. Shiro reflexively hit it using all the energy he was conserving till now. ‘BAM’ A lot of blood splashed on his which cane from the tiger like beast which died almost instantly with just one hit. “What the f**k was that!?”, he was shocked for a moment due to all the blood which had drenched him. “I need to now find a river to wash myself...”, he started walking ahead. But never in his wildest dreams had he realized that the scent of blood was attracting other beasts towards him. He couldn’t even sense them because his senses had been weakened due to the paralytic effect if the tiger’s blood. Nevertheless he walked forward expecting that he would eventually reach the river but unfortunately this forest didn’t have a river in the first place. “Damn... this blood is stinking right now...” He lowered his body in order to look at something that was protruding from the ground thanks to which he dodged a lethal attack from another beast. “Huh...? What was that?” He carefully took a look at his surroundings only to find that he was surrounded by many beasts which numbered more than 100. “Tsk...” He immediately clenched both of his fist and prepared himself to fight all of them while using mana sense since his actual senses were weakened. “ROARRRR....”, all the beasts started to dash towards him and so did he. He went all out using all of his strength against them. For quite some time there were a lot of roaring and fighting noises echoing in the entire forest which in turn attracted many more beasts but soon these noises calmed down. “Huff huff... oh man... it took quite a while to kill these many beasts!” He had used up all his energy in defeating these beasts and was now completely exhausted. “These beasts were indeed weak but their number was too much!” He thought that these beasts were very weak but little did he know that he had defeated S to SS Rank beasts whom even the royal guard would have tough time fighting them. “Impressive...” ‘CLAP CLAP CLAP’ Suddenly clapping sounds were heard and Shiro immediately got up and looked around. “W-who?”, he turned his gazes right and left and everywhere else too but couldn’t find the source of clapping since it was being echoed. “Haha, I’m just a senile old man...” “Who calls himself senile?”, is what Shiro was thinking. He immediately used mana sense to detect the location of the man but unfortunately that too failed. “This is the first time my mana sense failed...”, he mumbled. He then immediately said, “Who are you? Can you give an introduction or not?” The old man immediately said, “Haha, it is manners to first introduce yourself and then ask for others!” Shiro didn’t want to do that but whatever he told was indeed true so he started introducing himself. “I’m Shiro Kruz, the eldest son of the Kruz family, the heir of STAR-FIRE lineage!” “...” “Hahahahaha! I hit a fortune!!! Hahahaha.”, the old man started laughing in the most weirdest way possible. “Looks like he really has gone senile...” TO BE CONTINUED...
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