Dragons Descend To Earth

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“I need to train with human knowledge in this new dragon body? That’s interesting!”


A world full of dragons, a world where humans don’t exist, a world which is filled with mysteries - it is the said world where a human is Reincarnated after dying in a human world.

Yes, he is Reincarnated in the Dragon world as a dragon while retaining his memory.

He faces many hardships while trying to become strong. But one day he finds out that there is a way to return to the human world, that is, Earth!

But, the dragons want to conquer the Earth!

Will he be able to prevent the Dragons from Descending to Earth?

Join me in this adventure - Dragons Descend To Earth!

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Long ago, it was believed that dragons and humans lived together. They spent each part of their lives with happiness. They helped each other and survived the difficult times. No matter what happened they never failed to help each other. But one day something bad happened. It was something that no one could have believed it. A human was killed by a dragon. The humans started to blame the dragon clan and then started killing the dragons too. The dragons who looked like mere humans were terrified and went into hiding since they couldn’t stand against the vast number of humans. Of course, they knew how to transform however other than their size, they had no powers. Also, they didn’t have any means of weapons or power to fight back at least that’s what they had thought when suddenly on a full moon night all the dragons had their awakening. The small powerless looking dragons who were similar to the humans suddenly revolves into giant flying serpents. The soared the skies and the rivers. They went everywhere and bright destruction to the human kin. It was as if this was the first ever mass destruction happening and thanks to this the flat plains and land turned waving and upside down. Mountains emerged and the land sank. The seas and oceans expanded and the number of diseases increased. The humans who didn’t want this disaster prayed to God to help them eradicate this disaster. They offered many sacrifices for the God to help them and after 1000 years God finally listened to the humans and created the DAY and the NIGHT. He said that the humans will have power only during day and the Dragons will have only during the night. Both will be powerless at other times. And after saying this he vanished again thinking that the problem would be solved. But unfortunately this fastened the disaster as the humans too gained power and started mass destruction from their side too. Powerful cultivators and masters came forwards who protected the humanity and started killing the dragons one by one. And so did the dragons during night. Both started to hunt each other and this was completely opposite of what they wanted. They didn’t want to shed anymore blood and wanted to settle this peacefully but due to their rages it couldn’t be done. They started praying again and crying for the lord to help them. They started offering sacrifices yet again while being engaged in war. The God couldn’t watch anymore of this mis-happening so he immediately stopped all. He then created two worlds - THE DRAGON WORLD and THE HUMAN WORLD and named them DRAGOLAND and EARTH respectively. Soon the dragons left the Earth and ascended to the Dragoland which they found to be better than the previous place. The humans weren’t allowed to go to a new place and instead were forced to stay on EARTH and repair all the damages they had done. However peaceful times returned and everyone was happy but the humans thought that the GOD had done partiality and favored the dragons over humans. Soon the time passed and slowly and steadily they become modernized and this became a legend. “Did you understand Riru?” An old man who was at his 70s said this to a small kid who was actually his grand daughter. “But Grandpa, isn’t this just some old tale? How can this be true?” The old man laughed. “Hahahaha! You are indeed right! No one knows if this is true! After all this might be some fabricated story, haha.” He was quite old and not in good condition. *cough cough* “Uhhh, that’s why I hate old age, even with my Training I am not well...” *cough cough* “Aiyo Grandpa, Wait let me bring some water for you...” She immediately rushed in to get some hot water for him. “Sigh... what a pity, the strongest warrior of the human world is so weak...” And as he was thinking this someone stabbed him from behind. ‘STAB’ *coughs blood* “Wh-who...?” He turns back and was surprised that his chest started to pain even more. “K-Kim...?” He stared at him as he was being stabbed repeatedly. “Yes big bro it’s me...” He stabbed again with another sword. ‘STAB’ *coughs blood* “What? Why...? You...” “I was tired of living in your shadows, I’m just 38 years old, younger by 33 years from you. I’m not even your own brother so why would you trust me completely? You are a fool.” He stabs him again. “I... I won’t forgive you...” AFTER 3 minutes... “Grandpa~ here water...” Riru who comes running finds her grandfather lying on the ground. “Grandpa!!!” She runs towards him quickly and looks at him bleeding. “Grandpa Blood!!!” She screams and everyone from the mansion comes running towards the voice. All of them surround him and his son and daughter in law look sad and crying and so does his grand daughter and grand son. “Damn... is this how I will die?”, he thought. “He killed me this way, will he kill all of them too? I won’t forgive him...” His consciousness started to fade away and his sense of hearing dimmed. All he could feel the warmth of his grandchildren’s tears. Other than that he was being carried by his son towards the hospital but still he couldn’t feel it. Slowly and steadily he closed his eyes and while doing so he remembered everything that he has done in his life. It flashed right before his eyes and then he breathed his last breathe. . . . IN DRAGOLAND... “Haha! Push him down the cliff!!! This puny fool hasn’t even grown wings yet...!!” Some students while bullying a weak student push him down the cliff. And the kid died miserably after falling from 100 feet. “I... I couldn’t help, I have always been weak... but please... I wanted to at least make some name...” After saying this he passes away. All the students return to their dorms since it was suddenly lightning and raining heavily. One of the lightning stuck the dead boy directly! Soon in 2 minutes it all disappeared. And it was normal sunny again. It happened too fast and no one could understand what that was. “Uhh... dammit... it hurts... what just happened?” TO BE CONTINUED...  

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