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IN DRAGOLAND... “Haha! Push him down the cliff!!! This puny fool hasn’t even grown wings yet...!!” Some students while bullying a weak student push him down the cliff. And the kid died miserably after falling from 100 feet. “I... I couldn’t help, I have always been weak... but please... I wanted to at least make some name...” After saying this he passes away. All the students return to their dorms since it was suddenly lightning and raining heavily. One of the lightning stuck the dead boy directly! Soon in 2 minutes it all disappeared. And it was normal sunny again. It happened too fast and no one could understand what that was. “Uhh... dammit... it hurts... what just happened?” “Where the hell am I right now?” He turned his head right and left. Then he looked above and saw the huge cliff that stood before him and then he lowered his gazes and found a lot of blood being spilt. “What the f**k has happened!!? Wasn’t I dead??” He started panicking and looking everywhere to observe everything clearly. “What has happened to my vision? Why am I not able to see father distance?” He was too confused to maintain is composure. All he did was try to figure out what exactly was going on. “Don’t tell me this is heaven...” He even thought the possibility of this place being heaven but he couldn’t believe it since there was no sign of clouds nearby. In fact he could see them floating above. He gazed at the sky and looked towards the ground and then checked on the blood. “Oh man, will someone tell me what exactly is going on!!!” He tried to stand up but then fell on his knees and screamed due to lot of pain. “Ahhhhhh!!!” He looked over his body and found that lit of bones were broken. In fact the blood he saw earlier was his own. He then estimated that he might have been thrown from the cliff and have fallen after looking at a piece of his clothing being stuck on the rock above. “Uhh... I don’t know what happened but pull me out of here someone!!!” He suddenly noticed that his voice was different. “Haha, wait a second... it can’t be...” Then he glanced at himself again and saw that his body seemed to have shrunken. Not only that, it seemed to his as if he was returned back to his youth. But for some reason he wasn’t comfortable. It felt as if he was inside someone else and it indeed was try but it was hard for him to believe. He couldn’t even move properly because of his broken bones but that didn’t stop him from standing up again. He held onto the walls of the cliff and used them as support and stood up. There was a small stream nearby as he was able to hear the sound so he decided to go that way. He was barely able to walk and all he could think was to recover and heal himself as quick as possible. Slowly and steadily he somehow managed to reach the stream whose water was pure and clean. He drank some of its water to quench his thirst. Then put some of the water in his legs to cool them as they were burning in pain since the time he regained consciousness. He knew that he had to climb the cliff to reach the place from where he fell and to that he has to be in his best shape. But seeing his condition right now and thinking that a hospital couldn’t be found in any nearby area, he thought of finding another way. “Uhhh... what to do...?” While thinking this he looked over the stream and saw his reflection. “You... you got to be kidding me... haha... how the f**k did I become tiny!!??? And who the f**k is this boy?” He shouted loudly and kept on cussing for an hour. “Damn, it’s all Kim’s fault! Why the f**k did he kill me?? Who does he think he is? Just because I was ill he stabbed me?” He started to get sad and was agonized. “Not only that, I am not even aware what happened to my family... on top of that I am stuck in a 15 year child’s body in some weird place which I have never seen before!!!” This was the first time in his life when he was so angry and confused. He felt like hitting someone when suddenly he started to get severe head pains. “Ahhhhhhh!!!! What the heck!!!?” He held his head tightly. It was as if his head would have been split apart any second from now. The pain was immense and it was sudden which cake without any warning. He wasn’t able to deal with the pain but then suddenly he remembered the [HEART SUTRA] that calms one’s body and mind including the soul. He immediately sat down. Ross legged somehow while bearing the pain physically and mentally. He started to mediate and use the [HEART SUTRA] which started to decrease the pain from both the places. Slowly all his pain started to vanish and suddenly a lot of memories unseen and unknown started to gush into his mind. He didn’t discontinue the [HEART SUTRA]. He practiced it for 5 hours even in the rain that came without any warning. It was too cold but still he didn’t stop the practice and continued to complete the [HEART SUTRA] since by doing so he was gaining the memories of the owner. Then soon it was morning and there was a new sun rise and amidst this he was meditating and finally he stopped as soon as the first sunshine fell on his body. Since he was below a cliff, and there was wall in both the sides, the first sun light fell around 12 PM on his body and that marked the end of the move. As soon as he finished it he stood up immediately and saw that all his broken bones and injuries were completely healed. Other than that only one thing was weird and that was that he was smirking. He smirked and said, “This is awesome, was it only legends I said? It seems that it really existed... the DRAGOLAND was it... here I come...!!!” TO BE CONTINUED...
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