The STAR-FIRE Family

1047 Words
Then soon it was morning and there was a new sun rise and amidst this he was meditating and finally he stopped as soon as the first sunshine fell on his body. Since he was below a cliff, and there was wall in both the sides, the first sun light fell around 12 PM on his body and that marked the end of the move. As soon as he finished it he stood up immediately and saw that all his broken bones and injuries were completely healed. Other than that only one thing was weird and that was that he was smirking. He smirked and said, “This is awesome, was it only legends I said? It seems that it really existed... the DRAGOLAND was it... here I come...!!!” “Uhh... but I need to first climb this huge cliff!” For a second he thought that since he was a dragon he would be able to fly but he remembered that he wasn’t awakened yet. So he is just like the normal human kids. He doesn’t have any special powers or any special item either. “Damn, this poor boy has suffered a lot of humiliations and bullying...” The old man felt as if it was he himself who was bullied since he was the owner of the body now. He would be living in this body from now on so it was evident that he would face such a situation again hence he wanted to be prepared for that since dragons are really powerful who can even break the mountains with simple breath. If he had all his strength and was in his prime only then he might have been able to defeat them but right now he was just like a tender meat in front of the great dragons. “Uhh... never mind, why bother climbing when someone will come to rescue me anyway...” He had gained all the memories of the boy and it seemed that his name was Shiro Kruz and he was from a prestigious royal family. But unfortunately no one cared about him since he was just a trash. He couldn’t even defeat someone who was 3 years younger than him and that was why he was disregarded and wasn’t given any importance. On the other hand he had 2 sisters and 3 brothers all of whom where younger than him. All of them are considered to be genius and only Shiro was called as trash. Despite that his brothers and sisters have never looked down on him since they knew how good and kind he was. Every time they used to pay him respect at all places and try to save him from getting into troubles. But it was the fact that the name of the great STAR-FIRE family was being tarnished because of Shiro. His own parents cared for him but were unable to show since they were always engaged in meetings and were busy. If they were to interact with him then he might have come to spotlight and be targeted by even more people. He was despised by all his relatives and all the students from the school too. The DRAGON-KING ACADEMY, which accepts only true geniuses accepted all his siblings except him and he was thrown into some normal and random countryside school where he would be bullied constantly. This was a secretive plot carried out by the minister of the STAR-FIRE family who wanted to dispose off Shiro. The old man understood everything and to take revenge he started practicing all the arts from his previous life. He used to live in a modern world so he knew many fighting styles. On top of that he was the strongest who had tons of experience so that was also not an issue. The real issue was that he was within a small body which was very fragile and if he were to practice those arts he might turn into a cripple for life. “Damn, so many things to take care of... I can’t just sit idly and waste time, I need to think some Arts for children....” He was about to think when he suddenly remembered a great combat art. “Wait a second... how could I forget this....? Damn! If I practice this then I might get 10 times stronger than I was in my previous life!!!!!” Suddenly he got excited and immediately leaped on a big boulder that was kept 10 meters away from him. He started to meditate as if he was gathering some kind of energy inside him. He didn’t even bulge an inch and kept on practicing and increasing the speed of his respiration. At first he hesitated since accounting to ancient texts we are given only a limited number of breathes in life. Use them earlier, which means respite at a faster rate and you will die, use them slowly and you will survive longer. So a human life span was short hence they always hesitated while using this, but a dragon’s life span is much more longer. It can even extend to immortality so there was no need to fear this art. He practiced this continuously for 5 hours and then finally snapped out of it as soon as he heard some foot steps and some people coming towards him. Since he had practiced the art, his mind was much more clearer so he used divine eyes to see the intruders and found that those were the teachers who cake to find Shiro. He knew by just seeing them that they weren’t any good since they were also involved in bullying him so he feigned to be unconscious by rupturing his blood vessels a bit and breaking his own bones even if it meant for him to bear pain. The teachers noticed him and immediately picked him up to take him back since they couldn’t just allow a royalty to be killed. They immediately took him to the infirmary for him to rest and used healing magic on him. His bones started recovering and he was fine as before and then he suddenly opened his eyes. “Huh? Well, well, look at that, it seems you have regained your consciousness...” Shiro stares at the man as if he didn’t know who he was. Well it indeed was the true that the old man didn’t know but he had his memories. He just acted as if he had lost his memory. “Brat!!! Answer me! How dare you be quiet!” He stared again and asked, “Umm... who are you??” “...” “Huh!!?” TO BE CONTINUED...
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