Memory Loss

1000 Words
His bones started recovering and he was fine as before and then he suddenly opened his eyes. “Huh? Well, well, look at that, it seems you have regained your consciousness...” Shiro stares at the man as if he didn’t know who he was. Well it indeed was the true that the old man didn’t know but he had his memories. He just acted as if he had lost his memory. “Brat!!! Answer me! How dare you be quiet!” He stared again and asked, “Umm... who are you??” “...” “Huh!!?” Shiro stares at him innocently as if nothing had happened. It was as if he really wasn’t aware of who the person standing before him was. “Are you f*****g kidding with me?? Did you lose your memory or what?” Shiro just kept in looking at him innocently as if he really had lost his memory. The teacher sighed and immediately looked at him again to do a final test and see if Shiro had really lost his memory or was he just pretending. He immediately moved out and dashed with might. “Phew, that was close, I guess I need to act of not knowing anyone here~” When he was about to relax again and let his guard down he heard the sound of footsteps of someone approaching him. The teacher entered the room again and now looked at Shiro with devilish eyes. “Kekeke, it’s good that you have lost your memory! Now it’s time to kill you...” The teacher unleashed a large amount of power which was creating heavy pressure due to which Shiro was hardly able to stand on the ground. “Uhhhh..!!!! What is this?” It was too much of a pressure for Shiro to handle. The old man who was within his body felt as if his soul was going to dissipate in this pressure as he hadn’t reinforced anything till now. The old man thought, “Damn, this pressure is only at a level of 3-star martial artist in human world... but I am unable to do anything against it??” The teacher kept on using the pressure against him and smirked. “Tell me the truth, or else I will crush you under this...” Shiro didn’t want to tell the truth. He couldn’t find any other way either so all he could think of was to act as if he is fainted. And he falls down on the ground with his eyes closed. The teacher observes this and immediately suppressed the immense pressure that he was applying on Shiro. He walked slowly towards him and looked at his breathing rate which was slow. “Sigh, looks like he really wasn’t lying! It seems that he really has lost his memory!” The teacher was now troubled since he was to inform about this to the royal family and if they were to know this they might get infuriated and kill him. But at the same time he thought it was best to tell the high minister who wanted to eradicate Shiro. He immediately departs with a message in his hands with a carriage towards the royal capital Shorai, which was around 90-100 miles away. He sat down in a cart which was being driven by some lower dragons. In this world there are 3 types of dragons. The lowest among them is categorized under Low-Tier, then comes the Mid-Tier and finally the High-Tier. Low-Tier dragons are like slaves who even after their awakening have little to almost no power. They are used for some very little works as pulling the cart or a wagon etc. They comprise around 30% of the total population. Mid-Tier dragons are comparable with commoners who have some powers before and after their awakening. Usually there are around 60% of the population which is filled with Mid-Tier. And finally is the High-Tier dragons who are basically the royalty or a high ranking member of the society. Their population doesn’t exceed 10% of the total. They have amazing and unique powers which are quite different and can be compared to legendary. However these powers increase after their awakening which isn’t limited and will continue to grow until their capacity is reached. MEANWHILE... “Oh man, I can’t keep up the act anymore... my head is paining... I guess I should start my training instead of just pretending to be unconscious!” He slowly opens his eyes and moves towards the dorm where he used to live. He expected that the Room would be quite extravagant since he was a royalty but when he actually saw the Room, all his expectations were broken. It was too dusty and shady. The moment one would enter the room he would become gloomy! It was as if the sunlight hadn’t reached the room for many days. “Sigh, oh man, I came to rest here but after looking at this, I have to work a lot!” He immediately began the cleaning if the Room with full speed and was doing everything swiftly. The room was surely large and that’s why he had to do a lot more work but it want a problem for him since he thought it would warm up his muscles. In fact he thought that instead of just cleaning his own room only, he would help out others and clean their room too. As soon as he finished cleaning his room, he ran out and dashed through the corridors asking each and everyone if he could clean the room. Normally he was bullied and forced to do this everyday but this time he was smiling and happy. All the students didn’t have any problem in him cleaning their room since they were accustomed to him but it was somehow unusual for them to see him volunteer himself to do it. AFTER 5 HOURS... It took him 5 whole hours to complete all the cleaning after which he returned to his room, bathed and got himself ready to start the real part of the training. “Oh well, looks like it’s time to start, the [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] training method!” TO BE CONTINUED... Hey all, I will be writing around 1k words as an average and will be publishing a minimum of 1 chapter per day. I am unsure as to whether I should publish more than 1 so do comment and tell me in this chapter. THANKS
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