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AFTER 5 HOURS... It took him 5 whole hours to complete all the cleaning after which he returned to his room, bathed and got himself ready to start the real part of the training. “Oh well, looks like it’s time to start, the [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] training method!” He then after gazing a bit at the room started to close his eyes slowly and steadily. He wanted to train a powerful technique called [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] technique which was originally developed by he himself in his past life. He started to breathe slowly and inhale a large amount of air and exhale only a tiny portion of it. He continued this for several minutes and finally his breathing had become steady which was unusually faster due to working hard and undergoing the [HEART SUTRA] before. [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] technique required the proper proportion and warming up of body and since he had already warmed his body while cleaning the room, he was ready to practice the technique. He started to meditate and soon some green and blue Aura started to appear around him. His strength started to rise slowly and steadily and his body was being filled with a huge amount of energy. His body proportions also got reformed and he regained around 5% of the total power he had in his previous life after training an entire day. AT NIGHT... “Huff huff, that was too exhausting! But thanks to that I have gained some amount of power! At least I can defend myself up to a certain extent!” In human world they used the so called power as Ki or chakra, however in Dragon world they called it mana! So Shiro’s mana had been stabilized after being risen up to a certain degree. He thought it wasn’t wise to continue the training since it could deal a life long damage since he was still a kid, he went and rested in the bed and slept. However even while sleeping he used a technique which would increase the strength and durability of his body which was mediated only by breathing! He was now in deep sleep and woke up soon when it was morning. He went out for a jog as An habit of past life and then returned. He wasn’t allowed to go to the school since he wasn’t fully recovered and the teachers too didn’t allow. All the children went and came back and gave him to complete their home works which he completed and returned to them. Then he used to go and clean their room come back and practice [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] and [HEART SUTRA]. He kept on repeating this for many days and slowly the frail boy started to grow properly. But no one ever asked about his health and not even cared. They didn’t even bother asking him for why he wasn’t coming to school anymore even though he was cured. MEANWHILE... “Finally, I’ve arrived at the capital...” The teacher gets down of the wagon and immediately rushes towards the High minister to report about Shiro. The minister at first declined to meet him but when he heard it was a matter regarding Shiro, he immediately changed his mind and he himself came to greet the teacher. “What happened? Is it something serious? What do you want to report about him?” The soldier who was standing just behind the minister was a new recruit and was listening to everything calmly. “Well, the prince has lost his memory Sire...” The ministers eyes bulged suddenly and he raised his voice with enthusiasm. “What!!!? He lost his memory?” “Yes Sire... I confirmed it too...” The minister’s Happiness was clearly seen through his expression. He asked, “How? He couldn’t have forgotten everything just like that... something might have happened right?” Even though the teacher trustee the minister that he wouldn’t punish him, he for as still hesitant to say the real reason so he just left out of he important part and somehow added a full stop to his explanation by saying, “He fell down the cliff and hurt his head.” The Hugh minister wasn’t convinced with this small amount of explanation but he didn’t want to know the cause anyway. It was the fact that he only wanted to hear that the young prince was either dead or had forgotten his memory out of which one of them came true. He overjoyed and gave out 100 gold coins to the teacher. “Here is your reward for giving me such an amazing news!!!” The teacher’s eyes sparkled as he saw the gold coins and immediately grabbed them. “Thank you Sire...” “Hmm... wait I have some wonderful idea...” The teacher looked at him expectant if what his idea was. He was smirking so he might have had some amazing idea is what he thought. “Do one thing...” The minister scratched his head and paused again for a second. “Yes...?”, the teacher nodded his head and waited for him to complete his sentence. “Take him to the DARK-LIGHT FOREST and leave him there!” The teacher was left with his jaw opened! He just now heard something which he could have never imagined the minister saying. Perhaps he was too expectant of the minister saying to either kill the prince peacefully or throw him down the cliff again or something but what he told just now made the teacher completely baffled. “Th-that forest? Are you sure Sire!!!?” He couldn’t accept this because entering that forest is worse than death. No one ever dared to go inside the forest and if anyone did he never returned back alive grim the forest. “Yes I’m completely sure about it.” “B-but, won’t they suspect me if I would just take him and leave there?” He was hesitant to do this since he didn’t want any attention or problems to himself. “Sigh, take all the students near the forest and given them some tests. As for the prince tell him that he has to go and retrieve some medicinal herb from the forest. That way no one will suspect you!” The teacher was still doubtful if the plan but this was better than just being balanced for killing him and that’s why he agreed to do this. “Very well then, I’ll take my leave...” The new recruit who was standing right behind the minister after hearing all this wanted to report his majesty and her highness immediately but the knights usually don’t get any chances to meet with the king and queen so he had to wait until he could meet them. TO BE CONTINUED...
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