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He was hesitant to do this since he didn’t want any attention or problems to himself. “Sigh, take all the students near the forest and given them some tests. As for the prince tell him that he has to go and retrieve some medicinal herb from the forest. That way no one will suspect you!” The teacher was still doubtful if the plan but this was better than just being balanced for killing him and that’s why he agreed to do this. “Very well then, I’ll take my leave...” The new recruit who was standing right behind the minister after hearing all this wanted to report his majesty and her highness immediately but the knights usually don’t get any chances to meet with the king and queen so he had to wait until he could meet them. Soon the teacher after deciding everything prepared himself and returns back from the capital. It takes him almost the same amount of time to reach the school back as it took when he was going to the capital. But this time he was a bit late, by around 1-2 days since he was hesitant till the last moment. He knew that if he weren’t following the minister’s rules and orders, he would have been dead long ago but at the same time for some reason he was feeling guilty for having Shiro sent to the forest. The Great [DARK LIGHT FOREST] is one of the largest forests in DRAGOLAND. However that isn’t the reason why everyone fears it. The real reason why everyone fears is that there are millions of different beasts present inside the forest which contains poisonous plants and swamps too. Once if a person gets trapped in the swamps he will never be able to get out of it. Even the strongest and oldest dragons prefer not to mess with the forest since the beasts that reside there have power almost equivalent to the older dragons. But they have never come out of the forest and ruled because their numbers are limited whereas the dragons range all over the DRAGOLAND. Also Dragons are considered to be highly intelligent creatures even when they are compared with other beasts. The teacher soon arrives at the school and immediately heads towards the office and summons all other teachers. Everyone comes rushingly! They weren’t made aware if the reason and were just asked to come immediately to the office. Then the teacher who had just returned explained them the situation and all the teachers started to think deeply. They were afraid of the consequences of their doings and what would happen to them if the Royal Family were to find about this but at the same time they were assured that they had the backing of the minister so they didn’t hesitate for too long. They all agreed to comply with the plan and started to prepare a fake mission. Soon all of the teachers summoned the students and gave them their tasks after explaining about the mission that they had to perform. They searched for Shiro however he was no where to be found. They immediately dispatched some teachers towards the Room and found him sleeping in his bed. The teachers woke him and up and asked him to join the mission which he was initially refusing but later agreed to it. “Okay then, tomorrow is the mission so be ready!” “Yes sir!” The teacher immediately leave the room with haste and Shiro was now left all alone. He took a glance at what his task was and immediately came to know their scheming. “The f**k with this! You want me to die? Am I some fool?” In Shiro’s memories, a lot of things about the DARK LIGHT FOREST was told as how that forest emerged, why that forest exists and how dangerous it is to even go near it. But the mission said that he has to go inside and get herbs matching the picture from the forest! That was highly unacceptable mission as it was nothing but suicide mission or a murder mission. However the old man feared nothing so he didn’t mind it much. “Anyway I died, so it’s better if I even check that forest out...” After thinking for sometime he decided that he would be visiting the forest but for some reason he was hesitant! It was true that he had already lost his life and that was the reason why he didn’t want to die again since he hadn’t extracted revenge yet! “Before I can enter the forest I need to complete the [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] technique!!!” He then resumed his practice of the technique and allowed the internal mana to expand and the contract. He again expanded it and then contracted and repeated this process several times. The night passed soon and the whole night he had been training by expanding and contracting his mana. Soon it was a new morning and Shiro packed all the necessary things required. Also he discovered that he was able to use spatial magic and due to that he could create a spatial storage in which he stored many other necessary things. He then marched out of the room and went to the school from where all the teachers took the students to different places. Shiro was taken by the head teacher who had just returned from the capital. He showed the place as to where he had to enter since he didn’t want Shiro to escape so he took him personally towards the spot. Shiro folles him quietly and both of them arrived near the DARK LIGHT FOREST from where the teacher started to head back. “You need to enter from there!!! Good Luck!!!”, he screamed and ran away and watched from afar. “Sigh, he himself is so scared of this place but just to ensure that I have entered the forest he came all the way? Should I call him Greedy or i***t?” Shiro scratches his head and entered the the forest slowly and the money he kept on foot inside the forest he suddenly vanished and the entrance wasn’t able to be seen anymore. “Yes!!! He went!!! My job is done! Now I’ll be rewarded.” After saying this the teacher ran and returned back to the School. “Don’t tell me... I’m really lost!”, Shiro screamed the moment he entered the forest. TO BE CONTINUED...
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