The Deadly Forest

1098 Words
Shiro scratches his head and entered the the forest slowly and the money he kept on foot inside the forest he suddenly vanished and the entrance wasn’t able to be seen anymore. “Yes!!! He went!!! My job is done! Now I’ll be rewarded.” After saying this the teacher ran and returned back to the School. “Don’t tell me... I’m really lost!”, Shiro screamed the moment he entered the forest. “Sigh what am I doing shouting like a kid? Let’s just move ahead.” The forest didn’t seem as dangerous as it was mentioned. Everything was beautiful and there were many small beasts and birds everywhere. It was green and the beauty made Shiro’s heart calm down and put him at ease. He was troubled from all the sufferings that he had to go through till now but finally thanks to entering here he could relax for a few minutes as there was no one to judge him or discriminate him in the forest. He kept on walking ahead and started entering the deeper parts of the forest but till now nothing had happened to him. He thought that the rumors were just made up and this wasn’t a dangerous forest. Regardless of his thinking, he kept moving forwards until he reached a huge tree which was 100 times tall as that if an average man. “Wow!! What’s with this tree? Just look at its size...” The tree not only was large and huge but also had some fruits that were quite big too. The moment Shiro saw them, he felt hungry and saliva started dripping from his mouth. He couldn’t resist this temptation and decided to climb the tree up. It wouldn’t have been easy by any means to climb such a huge tree but Shiro knew a technique from previous life which could make climbing much easier. He just had to allow the mana flow in the same way as Ki and let it accumulate in his legs. After doing that he would just start walking along the tree and due to the mana he wouldn’t fall down and start firm. It was as if his legs were glued to the vertical edges of the tree and he started walking slowly and steadily after imbuing his feet with mana. He had crossed almost half of the tree when he decided to take a small rest. He looked at the view from above there which filled his heart with joy and agony at the same time. He could see the large forest from that point but couldn’t see across it which meant that he had come to rather the deepest part. But he didn’t think much. All he did was enjoy the view and eat a bit of packed snacks and again started walking towards the top of the tree. AFTER WHOLE 3 HOURS... He finally managed to reach the top of the tree. “Yesss!!! I made it!!!” He shouted at the top of his voice due to which his voice echoed throughout the forest. It was soon going to be dark since it took him long while to enter, walk and climb such a high tree. He felt a bit sleepy too but he couldn’t afford to disregard all the warnings that had been mentioned in the contents of his book. He wondered that there might have been some reason why the elders and other older dragons warned them of this forest. He was always on his guard and looking everywhere to ensure that he is safe and not in some sort of danger. “Weird... shouldn’t this be a little dangerous at the least? But I don’t even find a single insect here...” He kept on wondering about it and the time kept on passing but for some reason he kept on feeling something bad. He was getting shivers down his spine as if his sixth sense was warming him about something. But he was clueless about this.  “My sixth sense has never been wrong... there is something that is making me uncomfortable...” He decided to stay there since it was the highest spot so he would be in less danger. At least that’s what he had thought but he never knew that the greatest danger was right below him. He was sitting on it and waiting for the danger to wake up. Soon it was completely dark but everything was visible thanks to the moons light. So Shiro was a bit relaxed since it was unnecessary for him to light a fire when suddenly the tree started to shake. ‘JZZDDDD JZZDDDD JZZDDD JZZDDD’ The tree shook vigorously. “W-what is happening??” Suddenly some sharp things started to come out and the surface started to become slippery. “Damn, it cant be!” Shiro realized some And jumped off the tree immediately and used the HEART SUTRA to decrease the the force of the fall. Luckily he fell in a lake which was not that far from the giant tree due to which he was safe but what he saw in front of him completely made him shiver due to fear. The giant normal looking tree that stood the whole time where he felt safe had suddenly turned into a carnivorous tree which huge sharp teeth. As soon as that happened huge beasts started to appear out of nowhere. In the entire time Shiro has been in this forest, he didn’t see any beasts nor sensed any movements but now it was as if an earthquake was occurring due to the heavy moments of giant beasts! For some reason he against felt anxious and subconsciously he lowered his head to see the pond and the moment he did that, he found many large shadows revolving around him. It seemed as if those were the shadows of large predators who lived deep in the lake! He immediately jumped off of the water and arrived on land. And turned back to take a look when he found three large beasts with immense bloodlust jumping out of the lance as if they were gonna prey Shiro. Shiro immediately started to run as soon as he saw this. “I... I underestimated this forest... this in fact really is a deadly forest!!!” TO BE CONTINUED...  
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