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It seemed as if those were the shadows of large predators who lived deep in the lake! He immediately jumped off of the water and arrived on land. And turned back to take a look when he found three large beasts with immense bloodlust jumping out of the lance as if they were gonna prey Shiro. Shiro immediately started to run as soon as he saw this. “I... I underestimated this forest... this in fact really is a deadly forest!!!” Shiro somehow manages to find an open area where he pauses for sometime. “It’s good and bad at the same time if I am here...” It was good since he could see any dangers or beasts coming his way, but it was bad too since the beasts could also see him clearly if he were to stand at the same place at such a wide area. “Damn!!! If only I could get some cheats or something...” He had seen many isekai novels and manga in which the main lead gets some sort of cheats frequently to survive so he too expected something similar to it, but in the end he got nothing! All he could do was wait for the sunrise since he had understood one thing that these monsters or beasts spawn only during the absence of sunlight after 12 AM midnight! “Maybe... just maybe I can survive this if I learn that...” He was thinking about a cultivation technique with the help of which he could survive, but it was too difficult to learn. However it wasn’t impossible, also he didn’t have another choice! “The [HEAVENLY DARK FIRE] technique is by no means weak but it will take me 3 more months to actually be able to master it... till then I should learn [DIVINE ABSORB]” [DIVINE ABSORB] was not some cultivation technique. In human world it was intermixed and often lumped misunderstood as some waste technique but it was this old man who realized its true worth. It was a skill which would allow the user to absorb others vitality and their skills. If the user could get even a single piece of any part of a person, he would be able to completely acquire his skills. That was an extraordinary technique which would be really handful here. Shiro’s intentions were finally clear. Not only did he want to get out of here alive but also wanted to use the forest to his advantage! This was something which the old Shiro would never think. It was the old man who thought about this since he has faced even greater difficulties! “Okay, I can start practicing that technique... I can even be able to learn it in 5 hours time because of high mana present here... but... I don't know if I’ll be safe...” When any user practices that technique, his body becomes paralyzed for the whole time until he finishes learning the technique. That’s why no one wanted to learn that technique due to which everyone forgot about it. However now that Shiro had decided to learn that for his own survival and increasing strength, he was also worried about his safety for 5 whole hours! “What to do...? The trees aren’t safe, neither in the sky, the water is also not safe... where the fu*k do I cultivate!!!?” Even his thinking had been decreased and his tension kept on increasing. “Tsk! God!!! Can’t you be a little merciful!!!?” The moment he said this, it was as if God heard him loud and clear. He looked upon him and blessed him with something which even God himself wasn’t aware. “Bless you my child...”, is what Shiro heard in his head. He immediately turned his head to left and right to look at who was speaking to him when suddenly a system appeared out of nowhere! ‘DING DONG’ { [THE DRAGON KING SYSTEM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED] - Please register your name.. } “Huh? What’s with this...” He was utterly surprised the moment he heard the sound and the texts flying in the air. He rubbed his eyes a bit and then looked at it again. “You really are kidding me aren’t you? HOLY f**k!!! YOU GAVE ME A SYSTEM LIKE THE GAMES!!!???” He was utterly surprised by just looking at it. He understood that the voice he heard earlier might have really been God’s. He was always questioning himself that why was he exactly sent here!!!? He could have been reborn on earth itself but for some reason he was reincarnated in a land filled with dragons and no humans! He somewhat came to know that the God wanted to do something. Maybe he wanted to see how a human would survive among the dragons or wanted to see how long will it take for the humans to perish since humans had shorter life span than dragons! He even thought of the possibility that a dragon might have been reincarnated back on earth but that was too far to be true. “Thank God for giving me this system...” It wasn’t exactly God who gave him a system. The system was something which got automatically spawned as if it was waiting for a perfect time. It was showing the texts again and again. { [THE DRAGON KING SYSTEM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED] - Please register your name.. } “Hmm, first step is first! Let’s register the name then...” He typed his name ‘SHIRO KRUZ’ { [THE DRAGON KING SYSTEM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED] - Please register your name.. S H I R O    K R U Z / } After typing his name he clicked on the ‘’ option and as soon as he did the texts vanished immediately! “Eh? What happened? It...” Just before he could complete his sentence, he heard another sound. ‘DING DONG’ { [CONGRATULATIONS] User name has been registered! You can use the system starting in 00:00:00:10 [10 seconds] } The timer started and Shiro was waiting patiently but suddenly he felt something wrong. He had been staring and figuring the system and was so much engrossed in it that he forgot to be aware of the surrounding. The moment he felt something wrong he looked at the ground to find a huge shadow looking like an Ox standing in two legs with a big wooden hammer in his hands. TO BE CONTINUED...
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