Training Space And First Mission

1115 Words
‘DING DONG’ { [CONGRATULATIONS] User name has been registered! You can use the system starting in 00:00:00:10 [10 seconds] } The timer started and Shiro was waiting patiently but suddenly he felt something wrong. He had been staring and figuring the system and was so much engrossed in it that he forgot to be aware of the surrounding. The moment he felt something wrong he looked at the ground to find a huge shadow looking like an Ox standing in two legs with a big wooden hammer in his hands. “What the f**k is this!!!?”, he screamed. The huge mister was at least as big as a 5 storey building. It was holding a huge wooden hammer like weapon which he was swinging wildly. It didn’t seem as if it had any intelligence instead it was acting on its instincts. It swung the huge wooden weapon which was actually a small yet durable tree towards Shiro who barely managed to dodge it. “Uhhh!!! What the f**k is happening?” He immediately started to run and the huge monster followed him. “What do I do? I am not powerful enough to defeat it...” He turned back a little and found that the distance between them was increasing. He decided that using his speed he would be able to survive, at least that’s what he had thought until he met another tyrant standing in front of him. “Now What the heck is that!!!?” A huge dragon like creature with two tiny arms and huge legs with sharp fangs came dashing towards Shiro. “A dinosaur!!!?” It was looking like the long extinct dinosaur king T - REX! Shiro tried to create distance between them since that monster had great agility by running towards the left where he met another beast that was not that big but has sharp fangs and claws. “You must be kidding me! Wherever I go I find some monster?” It looked like a typical goblin but at the same time it had evolved itself. Usually goblins evolve into hobgoblins or hob-goblinas but some times a rare evolution occurs when a goblin after devouring a lot of cores from other beasts evolves into Gobuzoids. Perhaps this was one of them. Shiro was helpless. He was now surrounded by three monsters which could have rivaled each other but for some reason they didn’t attack anyone other than Shiro. Maybe it was their tendency to look for the weakest and later the strongest and amidst then Shiro was without a doubt the weakest! “What do I do now...?”, was the only thought going in his mind. It was obvious that he hadn’t been reincarnated to die again! But he couldn’t do anything since he was utterly helpless right now and that was what he thought when suddenly he got transported into a weird space. “Huh? What the... why is everything white here?” It was completely white with some boxes having some black strips on them. However the boxes weren’t any different since they too were white. He turned his head to the right and couldn’t see the end. Neither could he see when he looked towards the left or any other direction. “...” He too in deep breathes and then shouted at the top of his voice. “WHERE THE f**k AM I RIGHT NOW!!!????” He was already frustrated at the fact that he was thrown to a dangerous forest. On top of that he wasn’t able to find a safe spot and was chased by giant freaking monsters! And finally he was transported to some place where there is no observable color other than black and white. He was about to throw a tantrum and start cussing when suddenly the flying texts appeared again after a similar sound. ‘DING DONG’ {  [NOTE] - You have been transported to the [TRAINING SPACE] - You need to complete the required number missions given to exit this space. - The Flow Of time is slow in this space. - If failed to complete mission then you will be permanently trapped in the space. } “Ha? A note? And... what’s with it’s saying?” He couldn’t understand at the first glance so he read again. He realized now that this was something which could either be advantageous or something that might be regretful for him. Now that he had already entered this space, all he could do was complete the missions one by one. “Okay! I’m ready! Bring it on! What’s the first mission?” ‘DING DONG’ { # MISSION 1 - Sleep for 48 hours within this space. [00:48:00:00] # REWARD - 1 KEY point. } Shiro was fully excited to complete the first mission as early as he could but the moment he looked at the first mission, all his excitement was destroyed. “Oh come on! I just have to sleep? I thought there would be something much more interesting!!!” He complained for sometime but then quickly kept his mouth shut since it was of no use if all he would do is cussing around. “Hmm, never mind... it’s best to just sleep. Anyway I am sleepy since I was tired from running and staying awake the whole night...” The moment he lied down and closed his eyes he immediately fell asleep due to the large fatigue that he had accumulated. The purpose of the mission was rather simple, it was to let his body get proper rest and then start the real part but Shiro never knew what extraordinary trials were kept for him. AT THE SAME TIME... The news of Shiro entering the DARK-LIGHT FOREST spread like wild fire and everyone in the kingdom was made aware of it. The whole reason was never stated and it was publicly declared that he went on his own accord to grow stronger but the king and the queen including his siblings knew it very well that Shiro wouldn’t have done something so stupid. The only two people who exactly knew about this were the High minister and the Head Teacher. Their plan was solid and almost perfect except one small mistake that they had neglected. They had forgotten to check whether the soldier guarding and hearing them was someone old or a new recruit. Also, they had underestimated Shiro’s luck! TO BE CONTINUED...  
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