Controlling The Mana

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AT THE SAME TIME... The news of Shiro entering the DARK-LIGHT FOREST spread like wild fire and everyone in the kingdom was made aware of it. The whole reason was never stated and it was publicly declared that he went on his own accord to grow stronger but the king and the queen including his siblings knew it very well that Shiro wouldn’t have done something so stupid. The only two people who exactly knew about this were the High minister and the Head Teacher. Their plan was solid and almost perfect except one small mistake that they had neglected. They had forgotten to check whether the soldier guarding and hearing them was someone old or a new recruit. Also, they had underestimated Shiro’s luck! They never knew he would be so lucky that he would be able to attract the almighty God’s blessing and gain a system which even God himself wasn’t aware of. Now Shiro was fast asleep due to all the tiredness that he has accumulated when he was in the forest. It was so dangerous that he couldn’t even blink his eyes. Even a little distraction could have killed him. But now finally, he was able to sleep soundly and the mission too was in his favor so there was nothing that would make him worry at least for the time being. Also it was as if the space that was created was situated in an another dimension as the time was quite slow. Regardless of this, the system mentioned it to be [TRAINING SPACE] which was quite interesting. The time was passing slowly and steadily and soon it was time when Shiro would be awake if it was compared to a normal average sleep. “Mhm...”, he mumbled. Then slowly he opened his eyes and sat upright. He yawned a couple of times and looked here and there. Then he immediately lied down again and closed his eyes. He was fast asleep again. It seemed he had no intention of being awake. Also, it would do no good for him to be awake since the first mission wasn’t completed yet due to which he wouldn’t be able to move to next mission. Some more time had passed and now Shiro woke up and yawned yet again. “That was an awesome sleep... but my body is aching.” He slept on a hard floor so it was obvious that his body would ache. He then stood upright and looked at his surrounding which was nothing more than white. “Sigh, looks like it really wasn’t just some strange dream...” For some time he felt as if it was dream but now that he was wide awake and he could feel his breathing, he confirmed that this was no dream! In fact this was reality where he had been reincarnated in the body of an infant dragon! Shiro then immediately looked at the first mission that was being shown just a moment ago. { # MISSION 1 - Sleep for 48 hours within this space. [00:34:48:26] # REWARD - 1 KEY point. } “Huh? I’ve just slept for 13 hours? I thought I had slept for more than a day!!!” He had absolutely no mood of sleeping again. Also it would be boring being just alone here so he has nothing to do. He couldn’t even exit this place on his free will if he hadn’t completed the missions and accumulated something called Key points. “What do I do now? I am not even tired enough to sleep nor do I want to sleep anymore! But I have to complete the mission irrespective of whether I want or not...” He was thinking hard if he had anything to do for sometime that could make him tired and help him to sleep when he suddenly remembered about a technique of Ki circulation. “Wait, if I do that then...” He wanted to circulate the mana just like Ki and turn it into a tornado inside him which would allow him to freely use mana at any state, even if he were sleeping! “Let’s do that...” He immediately sat down and started to take deep breathes. Slowly and steadily he could feel the large amount of mana inside him circulate. The mana was slowly beginning to take shapes. In fact he was forcing the mana to do so. Slowly and steadily he kept on increasing the pace of the mana circulation due to which his blood too started to flow at a rapid rate. And then finally the mana inside him formed the shape of a mini tornado which spiraled at a great speed. He opened his eyes immediately the moment that happened. He was breathing steadily until he opened his eyes but as soon as he did he started panting heavily. “Huff huff!!! That took a huge toll on the body!” He tried to decrease the pain that was being cause due the first mini tornado of mana by practicing breathing exercise but it was of no use. He just lied down and waited until the large amount of mana that was circulating would calm down and flow normally again which was really essential. He would first make it move and then allow it to settle down and again force it to move and leave it to calm down, by doing so he would be ultimately getting a large amount of mana to move whenever he wanted it to move and even recover when he has stopped. Now his muscles had also become tired since the mana was trying to ooze out from his body which he was prohibiting by using the muscles. No dragon could cultivate as he was doing since dragons had complete different structure but since he was at infant stage when a dragon’s body is similar in every aspect when compared to human body, the human cultivation is applicable to the dragons! Thus with this theory he was doing all this. He repeated those again and again until he finally passed out and slept again as sleeping didn’t mean that he was wasting time. It meant that he was preparing for the worse or getting his muscles recovered. TO BE CONTINUED... Don't Forget To Comment. Thanks.
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