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No dragon could cultivate as he was doing since dragons had complete different structure but since he was at infant stage when a dragon’s body is similar in every aspect when compared to human body, the human cultivation is applicable to the dragons! Thus with this theory he was doing all this. He repeated those again and again until he finally passed out and slept again as sleeping didn’t mean that he was wasting time. It meant that he was preparing for the worse or getting his muscles recovered. So I’m the end he fell asleep which was aiding him in completing his very first mission in the training space. He had absolutely no idea as to how the training space worked, but one thing was sure that it was meant for training and not slacking off. Soon the time passed and he had almost completed his mission and at the same time her was successful in training himself in his own way. But there was a minute problem that his body couldn’t take any more trading for now since it was just a small kid’s body. “Oh man! If you really wanted to reincarnate me then you should have sensed me to an adult’s body in which I could train properly! Why the hell did you send me to a small kid’s body!!?” He was cussing around as a small boy’s body had many limits. It wasn’t strong to manage to do what the adults could do but the logic didn’t apply here. And that was because the young infants were like that of humans which the adults weren’t! So the human type of training benefitted only the young ones. It would have been harmful for the adult dragons if they were to do the same! Shiro has failed to look at that and thus he was cussing around. But soon he realised that cussing around won’t solve anything so he decided to carve his own path. He called out the system to check how much longer he had to sleep. “SYSTEM, Display Status Of Mission 1!” { # MISSION 1 - Sleep for 48 hours within this space. [00:00:32:26] # REWARD - 1 KEY point. } “Hmm, so I need to sleep 32 minutes more? That’s it right? Then it’s better if I sleep now and complete the mission as fast as I could...” He immedtely lies down and tried to relax his body as much as he could after performing the [HEART SUTRA]. His mind was emptied and he immediately fell asleep without any tension or worries in his mind. MEANWHILE... In the forest of DEADLY DOOMES... “Kekeke, looks like something interesting is happening in the DARK-LIGHT forest...” An old man with a sinister look who couldn’t be easily said as a typical villain was smirking. “There is a large amount of influx of energy at that place!” He kept on observing the first with his crystal orb which he had always with him. It was as if he could see any part of the world using that orb. He could even take a peek at the Last and a bit about future too. That was some great blessing that he had but even he, who could be considered as one of the strongest beings in the entire DRAGOLAND, had been trapped in a similar forest for long! His age seemed to be roughly around 80-90, but in fact he was 6300 years old. He had been trapped in the DEADLY DOOMES forest for around 5000 years as a result of which he had even forgotten what interaction was. He had been glancing at the world since then and now when he took a look at the DARK-FIRE forest, he found something interesting which made him laugh after a long time. “This kid is rather interesting, but what more interesting is that he just vanished suddenly!!!” He was curious of that power if it could be used to exit the forest. The old man didn’t have much longer time to live, so before dying he just wanted to look at the cities of the dragon world once. He waited and waited but it took more than 3 days before he could see Shiro again! “He is back! Where has he been!!!?” But he was completely survived when he say his body which had now muscles that were of exact good proportions! It was as if he had undergone transformation. “Oh my!!! How can that be? Wasn’t he just a shrimp with no muscles at all just 3 days ago?” AT THE SAME TIME... “Damn, I’m out of this Training space but this is really weird!” He was totally surprised because he had trained a lot inside the space for more than 3 years but it seemed as if only 2-3 days had passed for him because the marks were quite fresh. “Sigh, it took me 3 whole years to exit that place! The number of missions were horrible I mean who gives 100 missions to complete in a training?” He could finally feel the warm air of the outside which made his heart warm. It was Day time so he just sat down and relaxed by enjoying at the scenery. Regardless of what anyone would say, he had really undergone transformation and now was strong enough to defeat many Mid-Tier battle dragons easily. His stats were also surprisingly amazing when he looked at them. It was to be expected of someone who could successfully combine DRAGON arts and the HUMAN arts together and evolve them to form a new arts called DRAMAN ARTS! It was a name that he himself gave which didn’t mean much. He just combined the word DRAGON and HUMAN after splitting them into halves. But after combining them, the power that he gained would surprise all. He had enough power to exit the forest all by himself, however he didn’t want to exit just yet. He waited for the night to test out his extraordinary power and only after that would he exit the great forest which was considered to be deadly. TO BE CONTINUED... Hey all, I hope you had fun. So comment and follow the book and me in order to support me for realising more amazing chapters. THANKS.
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