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His stats were also surprisingly amazing when he looked at them. It was to be expected of someone who could successfully combine DRAGON arts and the HUMAN arts together and evolve them to form a new arts called DRAMAN ARTS! It was a name that he himself gave which didn’t mean much. He just combined the word DRAGON and HUMAN after splitting them into halves. But after combining them, the power that he gained would surprise all. He had enough power to exit the forest all by himself, however he didn’t want to exit just yet. He waited for the night to test out his extraordinary power and only after that would he exit the great forest which was considered to be deadly. “Hmm let’s see, what can I do now?” Ok the day time he couldn’t find anything since for some reason all the monsters and beasts went into hiding or just disappeared. The reason was unknown but it was true that they appeared after midnight 12 AM and lasted till 6 AM until the sun was up again! This was what he observed and learnt when he was within the trading space. He just started walking and took a look at all the plants that were in present near him. He could see all the information about them thanks to the system he had. On top of that he moved further into the depth when the sunlight could hardly enter. But even if it was shady, no beasts were seen nor any movement was detected. It was complete silence and the cool breeze blew made him feel nostalgic. But his heart beat has become stable and all his muscles were resting. On top of that he was able to hear the sound of the flowing river which had clear water when he took a look. He washed himself since it had been a long time since he had bathed as he was trapped in the training space. “Phew, now it feels good. I wonder how much longer will it take for it to be midnight...”, he wondered. Then he immediately dried himself and went on around to look at other things. He found many rare herbs and other spectacular things. But little did he know that there was something waiting for him. There was a peculiar reason as to why the first was named DARK-LIGHT FOREST! No one knew about it, they just felt that it was some random name that had been passed onto them by their ancestor but the real reason behind it was just ahead in the same forest. The forest was indeed dangerous and that’s why no one dared to enter but since Shiro had already entered it, all he could do was explore everything that was present in the forest and help his generation or next generation. It wasn’t confirmed yet that he could leave the forest anytime but for some reason he felt that he would be able to depart from the forest very soon. He kept wandering in the forest until he reached a huge cave which had it entrance blocked by a large boulder. “Yes... that weird feeling was definitely due to something that is inside this...” There was huge fluctuations of energy every time the monsters were arrived. Shiro has concluded that the monster can’t just vanish on their own and arrive on their own. There was something that was making them appear in this forest. Probably it was something powerful that was summoning them from other places of the land. “Let’s see...” He pulled his hand and gave a huge blow to the boulder which shattered in just one hit. After that he started walking towards the inside of the cave. It was dark and nothing was clearly visible. “DRAGON EYES...”, he murmured after which his eyes turned white and the pupils became narrow. He could see everything inside as if it was a night vision mode. He walked further ahead to only find a wall in front of him. But it couldn’t stop him since he was using dragon’s eyes which could see through traps, illusions and even fake walls. He touched it slowly and shattered it into pieces and went ahead. ‘TAP TAP TAP’ His footsteps were making sound which was echoing throughout the cave. “I feel a strong Surge of energy here... what exactly is placed here?” The pressure that was being created due to the energy was extraordinary. It could make even a high tier dragon kneel but it had almost no effect on Shiro. The reason was simple, it was because Shiro converted the external energy into his own energy. Also the HEART SUTRA aided him in this. Thanks to this he was able to walk freely, without even an ounce of pain or suffering. But the weirdest part was that he felt as if the energy was calling out to him. He finally thought of running towards it and immediately dashed as fast as he could and reached the innermost part of the cave. The moment he reached he was suddenly shocked by the things that were placed inside. “You are kidding me... how the hell... can these be here?” The whole inner part of the cave was filled with DRAGON SOUL CRYSTALS. Shiro could understand slowly why the energy given out was so great and how the beasts were spawning. It wasn’t some simple summoning or something as what Shiro had imagined, in fact it was SOUL MATERIALISATION that was occurring. There were more than thousands of crystals laid in the cave in which Dragon Souls were trapped. Apart from that there were many ancient beasts’ souls trapped too. “Is this what they call making fortune?” Getting a single dragon soul was considered to be achieving a great feat but here Shiro had just now found thousands and millions of dragon souls along with ancient beast souls. Each and every Kingdom in DRAGOLAND had at one DRAGON SOUL CRYSTAL or at most they had only 3. Other beasts crystals were rarely found due to which only a very few nations had them. They were of high value which could be sold to buy an entire Kingdom!!! And here, thanks to Shiro’s luck he was able to find enough crystals to buy the whole world! TO BE CONTINUED...
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