A Way

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Other beasts crystals were rarely found due to which only a very few nations had them. They were of high value which could be sold to buy an entire Kingdom!!! And here, thanks to Shiro’s luck he was able to find enough crystals to buy the whole world! Those were not just any ordinary crystals, in fact they had a significant importance due to which they had such high value. There was a story related to this from where the soul crystals started to emerge. The Dragons who were sent to this world to live by God were given extraordinary abilities that could even cause havoc in the same world. However, the God has actually punished them at the same time by giving them a limiter in which they would be no different than the humans who were killed by them. That was the infant stage of the dragons. They accepted this and started to live again in the new world which had many other magical creatures. It was hard for them to survive here since they had to fight against them. But they soon realized that they were indeed blessed with eternal strength that transcended that if any other being in the world. So the dragons soon started to cover the entire lands and seas and even the sky. They started to conquer each and everything and finally made a civilization of their own. They had put forward their first foot towards development and building of empire which didn’t take much long. The dragons who were the first ones to do, soon aged even if they had a long life span, then had to die someday and after their death everyone started to forget them one by one. It didn’t matter how strong and powerful they were, neither did it matter whether they belonged to nobility or the commoners or the slaves, everyone of them had to face death due to which all their memories and souls were gotten rid of and their tales was never passed down to the younger generations. However soon the dragons knowledge started to expand along with their strength. It was too overbearing since the energy was increasing which was interfering with the natural cycle and disrupting the nature. It didn’t seem to be any problem when the dragons were alive but as soon as the one with extraordinary strength died the power would just spread and remain in the same world which was causing imbalance. The almighty God hadn’t expected such a sudden imbalance which would have utterly clashed both the HUMAN WORLD and the DRAGON WORLD, so he had to take some necessary steps. He made a new rule for the world in which all the unnecessary power that was created or dragged four other places would not dissipate into the environment after the dragons death. In fact that power would be stored inside crystal stones which would be named as MONSTER SOUL CRYSTALS. It was the best way which he thought of and made sure that it was implied to all the beasts as well and that was how this forest was formed that was made to hide them in the cave. “For some reason, I can feel the crystals calling out to me!” Shiro walked a bit forward towards the crystal and could feel a large amount of regret and resentment in them the moment he touched them. The crystal itself was so rare that one could easily buy a piece of land with just one stone so Shiro immediately thought if something. But he wasn’t showing any moments and just sat down and starting thinking. He could continuously hear the souls trapped in the crystal calling for help. It was indeed pitiful for not being able to get a larger place and get trapped in a small place as that. There were many souls trapped inside. Once so great dragon general’s soul was also trapped who couldn’t receive enough fortune to leave the damn place and ascend to heaven. All of them felt remorse so they begged the God to let them free. God was too merciful so he allowed them a specific duration to be active and that was from midnight 12 AM to 6 AM or until the first sun ray touches the forest. “Hmm, how can I help them...” He thought deeply and stressed his mind. It was quite exhausting for him to manage his breath due to less amount of air present in the cave and think about the solution at the same time. But regardless of those things, he wanted to help since he knew the pain of being alone and trapped. He shared the original Shiro’s memories so he exactly felt and realized the times which he had spent in getting bullied and other things which were always against him. He could hardly remember any time where he laughed or smiled. “What can I do...” And while he was thinking deeply, he suddenly got an extraordinary idea that would help them souls get out of the forest and once they were out, they could get eternal happiness by going towards the heaven. “Why don’t I use the system??” He immediately imagined and called out the system without uttering anything. ‘Display storage’ is what he thought in this mind and the moment he did the system popped out. ‘DING DONG’ { [STORAGE SPACE] - A space present in a different dimension. - No restrictions in its use. - Capacity is infinite. - Tome flows within the storage. } He nodded his head and said with excitement, “Listen my deal ancestors, I have a proposal for you...” There was no response. The immense pressure had already disappeared and on top of that the wind that was gushing in had calmed down. “...” ‘No response?’ He turned his head everywhere to take a look. He immediately said again, “This is about a method that can allow you to exit the forest!” The moment Shiro said this, the ground started to tremor and there was a lot of blue blinding light that was radiating from the crystals. It felt as if they understood what he meant and were ready to listen to him but denied to answer him anything even though they were the ones who were calling for help earlier. “Haha, so I’m not sure if you want to hear or not... but regardless of that, I’m going to say so just listen...” TO BE CONTINUED...
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