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He immediately said again, “This is about a method that can allow you to exit the forest!” The moment Shiro said this, the ground started to tremor and there was a lot of blue blinding light that was radiating from the crystals. It felt as if they understood what he meant and were ready to listen to him but denied to answer him anything even though they were the ones who were calling for help earlier. “Haha, so I’m not sure if you want to hear or not... but regardless of that, I’m going to say so just listen...” Shiro gazed at the crystals to see any other reaction but there was none. He sighed and said, “Okay, looks like you all want to be trapped here forever. I’m going then...” He immediately turned back and started to walk out when suddenly another boulder appeared out of nowhere and shut the exit. “Eh? Another boulder? It’s easy to shatter man...” He immediately pulled back his right arms and hit the rock with a large force but the rock didn’t even bulge an inch. “Huh? What’s going on...?” Shiro was shocked because the boulder didn’t seem any different from the previous one. He was able to shatter the boulder easily just a moment ago but now all of a sudden he wasn’t able to do so. He wondered, “Either my strength has decreased again or the boulder has gotten stronger...” He definitely felt the flow of energy within him to be normal so the first case wasn’t a possibility. The second one could have been the answer but that too was weird. He decided to use even more strength to break it and as he was about to punch it, he heard a noise from the cave. “Brat!!!” He paused immediately due to the sound. “What was that?”, he turned around and went back tit he same place from which he had walked towards the exit. He went and stood at the same place and gazed around to find no movements again. “Am I hallucinating or what?” Shiro was confused but it definitely something which was calling out to him. He thought of going back when suddenly he heard the voices calling out to help again. “Don’t go! Please help us...” He turned back and gazed for some minutes then understood something. “I get it, it was not that you weren’t speaking with me... it’s just that I wasn’t able to hear your voice because my energy was not in the right frequency as before...” Of course that was the only way he could speak since energy was the only medium left. He then tried to match his energy to that if theirs and finally he could hear them loud and clear. “Please help us, we have been trapped here since ages.” Shiro smiled and said, “Yes I can help you but in turn I have to borrow something’s from you...” All of the crystals immediately said at the same time, “What is it? We can give you anything you want!!!” They were too frustrated from being trapped at the damp place and in order to get out they were ready to do anything and that was why they agreed to Shiro even before he had stated. “Very well then, I can free you all but in turn I want your knowledge and your excess energy which you have stored.” Shiro too had understood and that too only in theory that the reason for their trapping was the excess energy which they had. They weren’t able to dissipate all the energy which would cause imbalance and that’s why they were trapped as mentioned earlier. Shiro wanted to take those energy and store in the infinite mind space which was given to him. It was just like a storage space which existed in other dimension where he could store all their energies. All of the happily agreed to him so he started proceeding as planned. He went and touched each Soul crystal and started to transmit the energy from the crystal to the space while the Soul was transferring its knowledge into Shiro’s mind. It kept on going like that for an hour and almost all of their powers had been drained and kept inside the storage space. Only a last few soul crystals of some legendary dragons were left which were placed very high as if it was trying to denote the hierarchy. Regardless of the steepness, Shiro climbed immediately and got them from the top. He started to transfer their energies too and so did they transfer their memories to him. After sometime everything was completed and slowly get steadily all the souls started to go towards the heaven. “Ha... it feels strangely good now...” He was happy since he was able to help so many souls which would give him immense blessings. But now he wondered, “What do I do? They all are gone and all I have is their knowledge... how can I get actual combat experience?” He sighed and was sitting sadly. He could now exit anytime he wanted because he had received the Forest’s blessing. It had given him special privilege to enter and exit freely. He slowly yawns and then thinks of sleeping since it was already late night. He wanted to rest for sometime and replenish the large amount of mana that was drained during the transfers. “Sigh, for now let’s go to that tree where u had first been...” He immediately dashed towards the place and found the tree. “Wow, looks like it has grown a bit more taller than last time~” Immediately after saying that he climbs the tree as if it was nothing and reaches the top in no time. Seemed like his body was now able to coordinate with him splendidly and there was no need for him to hold back himself from training. “Uhhh!!! But I want experience to fight monsters!!! I can get power but from where will I get experience!!?” He shouted and immediately fell asleep. And as he was sleeping he murmured, “Maybe... I should go to the next forest~” TO BE CONTINUED... Hey all, I hope you had fun! Don’t forget to comment as your every comment supports me. Wait for next episode ! THANKS.
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