Chapter 30

1022 Words

It was clear in their interaction that Ricci and the man hated each other despite pretenses. "Hello, DiAmbrossi," the man had said as he met Ricci and Siena as he headed for a table. "Joseph McCallister," Ricci replied smoothly."Fancy seeing you here." "What do you mean? It's your wedding!" Joseph replied. "I couldn't miss it for the world." The frown on Ricci's face did not lessen. "I have to appreciate you then-taking the time to come all the way from Chicago to grace my wedding." "Oh, I was in town for business," Joseph replied."So I just said I should drop by." "You do have a lot of courage doing business on my territory," Ricci answered. "Nothing that should bother you too much- yet," Joseph McCallister replied."It is more pleasure than business actually." Ricci only gave a g

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