Chapter 29

1076 Words

Alice skipped all the people Siena already knew well and introduced the others that were less familiar to her. For example, Alice's husband Graziano who had travelled for work earlier but had arrived on time for the wedding. He was a nice-looking man with a light moustache and thick hair. There was of course, Alice's five year old son- Caruso DiAmbrossi. Also, there was another lady in their midst, Avena-Federico's wife. Avena was Alice's and Ricci's cousin and wife to Ricci's consigliere. Ricci's mother who had earlier been giving orders to the maids joined the table then, ready for lunch. Alice sat just next to her sister-in-law and just between her son and Siena. On the other side of Siena was Ricci and on the other side of Alice was her son and after him was Alice's husband. Caruso

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