Chapter 27

1221 Words

It was quiet in the cathedral as Siena stepped in. All eyes turned in her direction. This was after all, her wedding. If only she was half as excited as these people were to have this wedding. If only. Se had spent the few minutes she had had to herself after she had dressed up pacing the room she had been taken to as soon as she arrived Ricci's mansion this morning from the family mansion. It was Ricci's room. The family had been excited to meet her and her family-she had come with her own family about two days ago and they made the final preparations while in Sicily. Ricci's mother and sister had fawned over her as soon as she arrived, excited to meet the lucky woman who stole Ricci's heart. If only Ricci had a heart, Siena thought, and if only she had stolen it. Though the first s

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