Chapter 26

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The manager looked from Chiara to Ricci. Tension seemed to make the air to solidify for a few seconds. But then the manager smiled, realizing who was boss. "Of course, we have others. Let miss DiSuzzi try on other dresses." Siena went back inside the testing room with another dress. She appeared two minutes later in the next dress, her expression as blank as it had been earlier. The manager was at her side again, turning her around to show everyone the dress. "So," the manager asked again. "Is this the one?" "I think it's beaut-" Chiara was saying when Ricci interrupted, his voice crisp and cool as ice. "Next," he said. "Is this your best?" He had a plastic, emotionless look on his face as he said this. The manager looked confused as he spoke. "Perhaps you would like to give us the s

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