Chapter 25

1120 Words

This gave Siena and Chiara pause. They watched the car as it parked and it's occupants came out. It was Ricci and two of his men. While his men were on complete one piece suit and tie, Ricci's shirt was tie-less and the first two buttons on his white shirt were undone. Peeks of the tattoo on his neck showed. His hair was curly and unruly as usual and his eyes dark and impenetrable. He headed for where Siena stood with her cousin. He regarded her slowly, watching her black T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was in a ponytail and a neck chain- silver-contrasted nicely with her all-black outfit. Ricci gave a glance at the other woman next to her, realizing that she must be Siena's cousin. "Siena," Ricci said in greeting when he got just close enough. "Hi,"Siena answered curtly. "I thought you

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