Chapter 24

1160 Words

Siena sped up even more as they curved into another street. She knew the area well so she followed different obscure routes in hopes of losing her assailants, but no, they kept up. She joined the highway and increased her speed. Most of the cars over here were driving fast anyways. But also, they were few and far between. She banged her palms on the steering wheel when she noticed that the cars were still on her tail. "It's Marco, all right," Siena announced. "But his boss has not ordered this. He's doing this of his own accord, to get back at me for insulting him." "You and your big mouth-" Siena gave Chiara a brief glance. "One more word from you and I will drive us off this bridge and down to the depths below." "You won't dare-" She was right. Chiara grated on Siena's nerves on a

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