Chapter 23

1152 Words

"Really?" Siena asked. "You underestimate me, Marco and that is one of the worst mistakes you will ever make in your life." This was not the first time that Siena would be underestimated and it had been her own personal goal to face slap all of those stupid enough to do that. Even as an underboss, she was hardly ever appreciated in her own right: her glory and achievements were ascribed to her family and the boss. "Now listen attentively,"Siena continued. "We are the ones who took out your men in Chicago- the DiSuzzis. We were the ones. I went there with the men and took out your moron men who you had stationed at your amphetamine lab. They were stupid and weak just like the Riveria family. We rained bullets on their i***t bodies and they fell like birds shot from the sky. How's that for

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