Chapter 22

1085 Words

Marco stared at Siena, a frown on his face, looking like he did not believe her. But he did not say anything for a while. He had no proof of her or her family's involvement. Siena read a few notifications on her phone when Marco's voice came again, like a pestering fly to her ears. "What game are you playing with the DiAmbrossis?" He asked. "N.Y is a long way from Italy, you know." "I have Italian roots, dummy," Siena said, realizing that he knew about the marriage proposal between her and the DiAmbrossi don. News did spread like wild fire. "As do I," Marco spat. "You're hoping to consolidate power, aren't you? Get the DiAmbrossis behind you so you can rule over the other families in New York. The DiAmbrossis are a very strong family after all. Too bad I'm not a b***h. I should be walk

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