Chapter 21

1028 Words

Chiara knew nothing, Siena thought. Nothing at all. She only assessed the situation at face value. That was why she only saw the drop-dead gorgeous mafia don and the affluence he carried with him. But it was all a strategic plot, Siena knew. Strategic on Ricci's side, strategic on theirs. But Siena entertained Chiara's ideas. "Did I ask to be married, Chiara? Did I?" "Well even though you didn't, you got the lottery, so enjoy it," Chiara said. "Don't bother me with any more questions," Siena told her cousin."Make the decisions by yourself." "I'll tell my father that you've refused to co-operate." Siena rolled her eyes. Look who's being childish. Siena took her concentration back to her phone. Presently, she was surfing her ex's social accounts. He had updated his relationship status

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