Chapter 20

1053 Words

Siena stared at Ricci, the conflict clear on her face; evident. But she did not say anything. "Well?" Ricci asked her. Siena continued to stare at him, a lump in her throat, her face fixated on him. But she still did not say anything. "If that's settled then," Ricci announced, making to get up. "I reject your terms-" "-Ricci wait," Siena said, grasping his arm, stopping him from getting up. Ricci met her eyes as she swallowed. "Please," Siena said. "Please what?" "Please Ricci. Accept my terms," Siena said. The edges of Ricci's lips curved slightly. Her action gratified him. He was going to tame Siena after all. Not Ricci, he thought. Call me Damiano-one who subdues; one who tames- because I am going to tame you Siena. I will. "You're learning manners," Ricci observed."I'll teac

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