Chapter 65

1042 Words

Siena was a light sleeper and so when Ricci arrived at about five forty-five am, she knew. Her anger had been dulled somehow by sleep but it was still there and apparent. She lay awake on the bed and heard Ricci's heavy footsteps as he trudged in. From his movements she knew what he was doing, where he was at. He first went to the closet and then the bathroom. He spent sometime in the bathroom and then re-emerged, having taken a bath. He stepped in the room in black and black-shirt and pants. He looked like he was dressed for the day. He saw that Siena was awake and seated on the bed now, her eyes following him like a hawk. He had a feelinf she had been awake since he arrived. He was convinced now. He headed for one of the window blinds and pulled it open. Dawn was just emerging. At t

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