Chapter 64

1603 Words

Siena held gaze with the woman, her gaze sharp and piercing."Tell me the truth. What is the problem? Don't waste my time; straight to the point." "Well it could be because we've been incurring some bad debts lately-" the woman was saying when Ricci interrupted, facing the men. "You've been giving my hotel out on credit?" He thundered on the men. "Only to our most loyal and capable customers sir," the manager replied quickly."We've had only a few bounced cheques, that's why we have the deficit being carried down to other months." "You have said customers' details," Ricci replied."Go after them. I don't need to tell you your job. Get my money back. You're not threatening them with litigation; you'll do it if they do not comply-let them know that and let them decide whether they would lik

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