Chapter 63

1556 Words

Within her, Siena told herself it wasn't the right time to tell her uncle what she knew. But she had no idea when "the right time" would be or if she was just stalling and why exactly she would be stalling. She was working on her laptop one of those days after her swimming lessons with Ricci when he entered the first floor library. "It seems you use this room more than I do," he said. "For someone who hardly ever reads, you seem to spend a considerable amount of time at the library." Siena did not reply. She concentrated on what she was doing. "I've missed your company," Ricci said."I've missed your shenanigans. You've been avoiding me." Siena wanted to say something as a flash of annoyance crossed her face. She wanted to ask him who was more prone to shenanigans between the both of t

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