Chapter 62

1756 Words

"We're going to reach twenty today,"Ricci said. "Be serious about it. Ready when you are." Siena groaned internally. She reached out for Ricci's hand. Ricci watched her action, surprised that she had done that. "I just want to make sure your head is under the water when mine is," Siena said, replying his look."Nothing more." Ricci smirked."Whatever gets you in the water." Siena submerged her head in the water then. She persevered until ten seconds were up. Ricci smiled. "Twenty seconds now," Ricci said encouragingly. "Whenever you're ready." Siena nodded as she took in a huge swig of air. A second later, she dropped her head to the water. She endured for the first ten seconds. Past that ten-second threshold, it was a struggle. Ricci knew because Siena's grip on his arm tightened, h

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