Chapter 61

1627 Words

"But I am so tired," Siena said. "Just let me sleep for one more hour and I will be ready-" Ricci shook his head."You should have thought of that when you were making your promise." Siena, sleepy as she was scolwed at him."I'm up," she said finally. "What would you like?" Ricci smiled then."Food," he said."I'm hungry." "You want me to cook for you?"Siena asked. "No," Ricci said."You have a more important job. First, get me food. I want breakfast in bed. Quickly." "What do you want to eat?" "Rosticceria mignon," Ricci said."And Iris." "Rosti..." "Write it down," Ricci said."I won't repeat myself after now." He called his order again as Siena rushed for her phone. Finally she asked:"Drink?" "Coffee." Siena rushed downstairs to get his order. An hour later, Ricci was seated on

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