Chapter 43

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Ricci did not reply. He smoothed his hand over Caruso's dark mop of hair. The sleeping child stirred a bit. "Where is my mother? " Ricci asked. "In her room, " Donato replied."She was a bit shaken, but Federico has talked to her. She's calmer now." Ricci left the room then. Siena, Donato and Carlo followed him. He paused at the landing, shooting his men an angry gaze. "And the men stationed over here could not identify any of the attackers?" He asked. "No," Donato replied. "But I think it was a well-deliberated attack." "No kidding," Ricci replied, annoyed. He did not like people repeating things he already knew or surmised, especially when he was angry. "How did they locate DiAmbrossi mansion?" Ricci wondered. "Not many people know my family live here; not many people know here. Th

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