Chapter 44

1142 Words

Her eyes were closed behind her sunglasses as she breathed the flowery woody scent that drifted in the breeze when someone plucked her glasses off her face. Siena opened her eyes to see Ricci. "You've been scarce," she commented quietly. Ricci settled beside her on another backed chair in a surprisingly blue suit. "Your trainer quit," Ricci announced. "Oh did she?" Siena asked."I was thinking she was running a little late today." Ricci did not reply. "Did she say why?" Siena asked. "No," Ricci replied."Just that she couldn't continue to give you lessons." "Huh." "You had something to do with it," Ricci said. It was not a question. Siena studied him then, wondering how long it had been since she had properly seen him. His hair seemed to gleam, black as it was. His dark brown e

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